December 12, 2022

How Can a Conversion-Focused Website Boost Your Traffic and Sales?

Many people complain about slow revenue growth despite the significant increase in the number of visitors to their website. No matter what you do - even if you have "the sexiest website" - if the conversion rate is not good enough, you stand no chance out there!

What is a conversion-focused website?

In a nutshell, the conversion-focused website design relies on time-tested methods, strategies, and principles to convince visitors to take action on your website.

You can exponentially increase sales and conversions by using psychological triggers, optimizing your website's user experience, and minimizing distractions. 

A conversion-focused website is all about turning prospects into customers.

Why SMEs need a conversion-focused website

The answer is quite simple - competition has increased, and so have clients' choices. The average website has nothing to do with lead generation - it's more a static online brochure that won't turn your visitors into leads and keep them coming back.

Although a nice-looking website does look more professional, it means nothing if you don't "convince" users to take action.

Top benefits of a conversion-focused website

Conversion represents the rate of total site visitors to the number of those who take action. As you can see, if you don’t have a conversion-focused website, you are probably leaving money on the table.

MSP Launchpad invites you to keep reading as we have lined up 6 benefits of a conversion-focused website and how it can help you boost your traffic and sales.

1. Helps you meet and understand your customers

Understanding your customers is of the utmost importance. You need to know who they are, what brings them to your website, what persuades them into action, and why and where users are leaving the site.

As CRO strives to increase the number of people who complete any desired action on your website, you can gain a deeper look into the things we mentioned above - what happens before a user converts.

2. Gets you more customers (our favorite!)

It's no secret that most businesses are trying to reduce their CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). A conversion-focused website is one of the rare things that can help you with that.

Wondering how so? By leveraging current website traffic to increase conversions. When you continuously work on optimizing your website, you have better chances to understand your customers, which can drastically improve their shopping experience and encourage them to tell others about your business.

3. Skyrockets your website profits

This is the jewel in the crown of a conversion-focused website. Even a teeny tiny improvement in your CRO can lead to a huge profit increase. Unlike many other advertising techniques and methods, a conversion-focused website provides instant, tangible "results" that go straight into clients' pockets.

Though something like this requires some upfront costs, those expenses are quickly offset by an instant profit increase. Consider your website has 300 organic visitors per month and a small conversation rate of 2%. If you do the math, your website converts 6 visitors per month. But with a conversion-focused website, that conversion rate might increase to 5%, 10%, or even 15+%.

4. Reinvest your profit

If you ask any savvy CEO, "What's the most important thing to business growth?" - each of them would probably tell you the same thing - reinvesting. The thing is that those companies that reinvest their profits back into their business can earn tremendous returns.

So, once your CRO gets you more free customers and increased revenue, you can use those to get even more traffic and profit.

5. It becomes your ace in the hole

Did you know that most of your competitors are already utilizing conversion-focused websites, and those who are not will start soon? Do you know why?

Because when you optimize "a virtual front door to your store", you are not only doing one thing. A conversion-focused website is a mix of different tricks that provenly work because they are related and aligned to your unique environment.

6. Google will love your website

Google loves sending traffic to those websites that can truly deliver what customers are looking for. Bear in mind that having too many visitors leaving your website without buying is a red flag.

There is obviously something causing clients to head back to search engines and look for another service or product, which is the worst thing for your business.

The wrap-up

The benefits of a conversion-focused website go beyond those 6 advantages we have mentioned above.

All in all, if your website is not bringing in the leads from your current website traffic, it is time to make some changes.

If you have read this piece and everything sounds good, but you don't know how to start and build a conversion-focused website, MSP Launchpad would love to have a chat with you to help you convert your traffic into leads and sales.

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