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We’re a team of MSP marketing specialists that are passionate about helping IT providers around the world attract their dream clients without all the heavy lifting...

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”Generating leads”
”Seeing page-one results”

6 weeks

Onboarding to
website review. Packed with a ton of value, in a fraction of the time!

Up to 5

Eager, ready-to-buy leads with our growth programs, once they're fully dialed in

Unique MSP websites

Within an 80mile radius, you have 100% autonomy over your unique site design

98% client retention

MSP owners and operators love us, stay with us, and excitedly refer us to others!

Our fail-proof
MSP marketing system

Marketing can be very overwhelming-for every
business owner-but especially mid-market MSPs...

Because you’ve come this far through word-of-mouth referrals, but now that you’re here, how do you keep growing, without investing an unreasonable amount of time into marketing?

That’s where we come into the picture.

We absolutely love geeking out on ways to get you an overflow of ready-to-buy leads, on autopilot!

To get that done, we take away all the fluff—and focus on the needle-moving aspects that are 100% compulsory to take your MSP where it needs to be.

By now, it’s obvious that we ONLY focus on MSPs...

We’re not a “tech”marketing company that tries
to box you in with SaaS, VARs and other
technology service providers.

You can be sure that our methods are tailored to
Managed Service Providers, and we’re not trying to
shoe-horn you into some one-size-fits-all, marketing hack that was useful 5 years ago.

We work our magic through these 100% done-for-you services

focused websites

Killer conversion-focused websites. Clean, HTML marketing machine of a site Direct sales landing pages, to crush objections on the spot, and raise conversion rates

Our MSP Growth Accelerator Program

The only 97% done-for-you program that enables 5 - 50 man MSPs attract and close new business consistently. The program is packed with 16 unique services that work hand-in-hand to enable you stand out in your city and drive more sales

As many leads and sales as you
could possibly handle!

Listen to what other MSP
owners say about our services…

Meet Louis, the founder of MSP Launchpad

After years of forming deep relationships with tech experts overseas, I decided it was time to have a lasting, business-altering impact on the community.

I am a former regional sales and marketing manager for a multinational MSP.

In my time there, I learned the ropes, but beyond that, I discovered a common pain point for IT providers of all sizes and nations.

It was marketing. Not just marketing, but marketing that actually gets clients coming in through the doors.

After my tenure at the MSP (and filling up their pipeline with leads for months!) I decided to focus solely on replicating those results (and even better) for MSPs all around the world.

And that’s how MSP Launchpad was born.

We pride ourselves in creating the most premium-looking, dynamic, and interactive MSP websites out there, that convert like crazy.

Interview w/ London Institute
of Business and Technology

Digital lead
generation is a
breeze to me

Multinational experience

I've worked as a regional sales and marketing manager at an MSP.

board member

To a Chambers of Commerce.

Trains the professional elite

Such as the senior governmentals of Bhutan, which made national news.

Our Core Values

Our drive… We stay true to these, no matter what!

Aim for greatness

We won’t rest until we outclass the competition by such a large amount, that we are really the only viable option in the market.

Team members are all highly motivated to learn new skills and dedicate ~ 20 hours per month to expand on their skillset - this again is financially incentivized with custom projects.

Aim for client’s success

We focus ruthlessly on the 20% of lead generation tasks that create 80% of the results.

We do this so much so, that we have an in-house reward system: the more qualified leads the team creates for MSPs, the higher their bonus.

Be totally honest

We’ll be totally honest with you on, well… everything. Including expectations in terms of time frame and cost, based on our internal experience.

Often it’s more pricey than people expected, but more often than not I hear: “Yes, those are the numbers that actually make sense”.

Have fun together

We work together for about 8-10 hours a day, so having a great culture is the name of the game. We genuinely like working together.

Any new hire must pass the airport test: “Would I like to hang out with this person for 4 hours if a flight gets delayed?”

Think long term

“Play long term games with long term people”. Entrepreneurial success is about finding those gems of people and then sticking with them.

When we partner up with MSPs, in our heads, it’s a life-long relationship.

Get to know us right off the bat…

We’re already
a good fit if

You run/manage/own an MSP

Your MSP is ideally 5 staff and over $500,000 in annual revenue

You’re tired of crappy, cookie-cutter MSP marketing and would like a system that really works

You’re open to advice that could potentially increase your lead generation and sales

You love coffee… just kidding, who doesn’t!

Most likely
aren’t a good fit if

You don’t run/manage/own an MSP

You’re just starting out, under 3 staff

You want us to magically get you results but not willing to allow certain improvements to your marketing assets

You don’t like helpful advice

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