”They rock!”
”Seeing page-one results”
”Generating leads”

Attract and convert new eager leads for your MSP,  at record speed

Using Google Ads, we can help you skip the line and start getting ready-to-buy leads for your MSP, even if you got zero results in a previous campaign…

”They rock!”
”Seeing page-one results”
”Generating leads”

Whether or not you have
explored Google ads before

Your MSP needs a proven way of generating qualified leads like clockwork…

This is what it all boils down to.

As an MSP owner or operator, it’s easy to feel trapped, as far as customer acquisition goes.

We get it.

It’s easy to feel like the universe has a direct mission to make lead generation difficult for you…

I mean, first of all, you’re not selling some feel-good product that people could easily buy on a happy Saturday morning; yours is a hard-core service.

Not just that, you’re targeting the decision-makers in the business world (a tiny percentage of humans in general).

Like that’s not enough, the cost of switching is so high, that your dream clients would sometimes rather stick with inferior services.

The odds are pretty much stacked against you.

But odds or none, at the end of
the day, people still NEED you!

There’s still a hungry market, in dire need of your IT services

As difficult as getting interested leads may seem, the people who need your services are out there, looking for you!

There’s an incredible opportunity for you to grow your client base and bottom line, even more than you know…

The question is, how do you direct that “hungry audience” to find you and work with you?

Now, we’re not talking about constantly asking for referrals from your clients…

It’s a good strategy and it works. But let’s face it, your clients have their own businesses to run.

At the end of the day, getting a cut on referrals from your MSP, isn’t their primary business goal.

So how do you get your dream clients to find you and work with you, consistently?

There are lots of bells and whistles in the marketing world today…

Maybe you should create more social media content,

Or run Instagram ads?

How about Youtube content?

We have seen several MSP owners completely carried away by this shiny object syndrome…

Not knowing where to focus their energy and resources, in order to get predictable results CONSISTENTLY.

Most MSP owners pretty much give up on marketing and lead generation altogether because it’s been such an energy-sapping experience.

Cold calling, cold emailing, and cold Linkedin outreaches only make it look like your MSP is hungry for new business (and you’ve grown past that)

You need a system that works without your direct involvement so that you can focus on fulfilling the clients you already have

A system that ignores the bells and whistles, and focuses on the specific efforts that bring the most results

At MSP Launchpad, we focus on the 20% dialed-in marketing efforts that get 80% of results for MSPs

While we respect all the other side attractions (and more power to those who “do it all”)

We prioritize the specific MSP marketing efforts that bring in the most revenue for our clients...

And we do so unrepentantly, because if something works, there’s no point trying to be “revolutionary". Just be the freaking best at it.

Instead, it’s our culture to understand certain strategies work and find new, revolutionary ways to scale it to the moon!

For us, this means being more dialed in on certain lead generation channels and consistently looking out for new channels with PROVEN and CONSISTENT higher returns for
our clients.

For you, this means absolute confidence and consistent results.

Why do Google Ads work for MSPs specifically?

Remember all the issues we talked about initially? About the high cost of switching IT service providers and the tendency for business owners to stall on this decision?

Well, using Google is an excellent way to go right around that concern.


With Google Ads, you aren’t targeting business owners looking for a good laugh on Facebook, or scrolling mindlessly on Instagram…

You’re targeting business owners that are actively searching for IT support in your region.

Do you know what that means?

That means you’re grabbing their attention just when they need the help you provide.

This way, you’re not forcing a service on them, neither are you taking them back into “work-mode” against their wish.

You’re simply harnessing their immediate desire to shop other options and possibly get rid of their unresponsive IT guy for good!

Plus you can keep reminding them with banner ads, for when they're fully ready! Amazing right?

Now, is it that easy to get results with Google ads?

Far from it.

Over the years, we have fine- tuned our ability to drive Ad-spend into the ground while increasing conversion rates 5 - 10 times over!

A lot of MSP owners come to us after being burnt by Google Ads.

Because as easy as it looks in theory, it just isn’t.

We have learned from thousands of hours of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend, exactly how to get the most amazing results for the MSPs we help.

We’ve earned the Google ads “expert” status through years of testing, tweaking, and scaling what works… and what’s more? We have done all that in the MSP niche.

With our fail-proof Google Ads strategy, we help you run insanely-successful ad campaigns, that fill your pipeline with ready-to-buy leads, month after month.

Perfectly run ads that appear right in front of your dream clients when they are searching for your IT services

Persuasively crafted ad copy that inspires them to click immediately

Conversion-focused landing pages, uniquely built to get them to reach out to you

And just like that boom, another eager lead waiting for a meeting with your team!

Like this MSP that went from $7,500 in Adspend with zero results to a $5,500 budget and their first sale in 3 weeks!

Greenlight ITC, Sydney, Australia

"We are a 30-person MSP and we started working with MSP Launchpad about a year ago. At the time, we had been investing significantly in Google Ads (>7k aus$ p/m) for a while, with admittedly 0 results. Once they got our website up and installed their Ads setup, we got our first sale in 3 weeks. The second sale followed in about 2 months I think.

They also decreased our Google ad spend by 30%. Including their management fee, our total marketing cost still went down by 20% or so (they literally pay for themselves). Our main problem is now finding engineers, not lead flow - we know that they can crank it up at any time. And that is a very comfortable feeling.

Side notes: they keep A/B testing new approaches, they solved lead quality issues when it came up & working with them gave us a lot of insight into our sales process as well - the call tracking is great. They are a brilliant partner for us. Totally hands off."

- Ben Gallagher (Head of Sales, Greenlight ITC)

Introducing our Google Ads system!

Say goodbye to result-deprived Google Ads making you hemorrhage on cash! Our fail-proof Google Ads setup will help you skip the line and start generating leads in no time!

But! We don't offer this as a stand-alone service...

How we make Google Ads work for MSPs

Drive traffic to your site

With little to no wait time, start seeing trackable results almost immediately.

make people call you

We use modern tools to ensure that you get the best results possible.

Continuously optimize this process

Less is more. Focus on what works and master it.

Remarket interested visitors

Get potential customers to come back to your site. Remarketing can increase your conversion rate by 2 to 100 times over.

A sneak peek into our process...

World-class Google Ads set up and management, at a fraction of the cost!

Landing pages

Hit pain points of prospective customers with laser-like precision and increase conversion.

A/B Testing

We use modern tools to ensure that you get the best results possible.

Bidding Scripts

Aside from manual updates, bidding scripts optimize your cost per click 24/7.


After leads get the first impression of your site, retargeting ads keep you on the top of their list.

Data Transparency

You will have full insight into what works and what does not. We record our tests.

Only available in the MSP GAP

Generate ready-to-buy MSP leads at record speed

Say goodbye to result-deprived Google Ads making you hemorrhage on cash! Our fail-proof Google Ads setup will help you skip the line and start generating leads in no time!


(Only available in MSP GAP Premium)

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management

Access to In-Depth MSP-Market Analytics

1 - 2 Custom Landing Pages Worked On Per Month

Third-Party Integrations

Call Tracking

Automated Bidding Scripts



*Management fee during the first four months of onboarding. $1000 monthly thereafter.

Maxxed out

(Only available in the MSP GAP Elite)

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management

Access to In-Depth MSP-Market Analytics

3+ Custom Landing Pages Worked On Per Month

Third-Party Integrations

Call Tracking

Automated Bidding Scripts


Dynamic Remarketing

Custom Audiences

A/B Testing


Google Tag Manager Management

*Management fee during the first four months of onboarding. $1750 monthly thereafter.

“More than just another “Google ads specialist,” we take the time to assess if this is what you need right now, given your location, budget, and staffing capabilities to scale…”

What you can expect from working with us

Marketing solutions that would work for you, given your specific case scenario

Ongoing guidance that would put you in the top 1% of MSPs in your city

Honestly decline the partnership, if we gather that we really wouldn’t be a good fit working together

Absolute digital marketing rockstars that leave and breathe amazing results for MSPs all over the world

InfoTank, based in Marietta, Georgia

"MSP Launchpad got us 3 sales (not just leads) with Google Ads within a few months of the new website going live, while all other marketing agencies never delivered.

Just like everyone else, we had been stuck trying to solve the lead-gen problem for our MSP. Tried a few marketing agencies, who wasted our money in an almost careless way. Especially with Google Ads; we assessed their work and saw a lot of unclean traffic. The agencies didn’t know how to optimize traffic specifically for MSPs and got the wrong eyeballs on our ads. We also felt they didn't really understand our keywords and account.

So we had to keep searching and then came across MSP Launchpad on Google. They mentioned that they can help us, that clean traffic is not an issue with them and we decided to take them on for SEO, Google Ads and a new website.

"The website went live as planned, exactly after 1 month - and so did the Google Ads. We started generating leads from that point on. Our ad spend has been modest at around $1,800 monthly on average. We committed up to $3,000.- per month, but they could generate up to $1,800 of clean traffic in our area and we sincerely appreciated how committed they are to not having useless clicks and budget wasted."

"We always had the plan to wean off the Google Ads when SEO started kicking in, and the MSP SEO is now kicking in gear - SEO traffic doubled in the last 30 days and is becoming significant."

So amazingly, it's all going to plan. We'll keep Google Ads active, but are reducing the ad spend to only target the absolute cream-of-the-crop keywords, saving extra capital because the SEO is already coming in force."

- Chris Canavan (Partner, InfoTank)

We only work with a handful of MSPs per region because we don’t want our clients competing against each other…

There's no point winging your Google Ads success! We have a system that works already. Take advantage of our 97% done-for-you solution that layers all the winning elements of MSP marketing just for you!