Wake up to new eager leads every day, with MSP SEO!

Get ready-to-buy prospects right from your MSP website! With our proactive approach to SEO, your MSP is sure to stay ahead of the AI curve... and dominate the local market!

”They rock!”
”Seeing page-one results”
”Generating leads”

Is IT just a pipe-dream?

What if your MSP could become the #1 in your city?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, we really don't think so. And we have seen a thing or two...

In fact, YOU will realize it's possible when you consider that there IS a managed service provider that is currently dominating your city—getting (and closing) more leads on a daily basis than others get in a month!

If that's you, you will have already mastered SEO (because no one reaches that level without SEO).

But if that's not you (yet), read along...

What I'm about to share will completely transform your MSP business, and potentially enable you to be the one dominating your city.

Because let's face it: MSP marketing has very little to do with luck -  it's all about the execution.

There has to be something they've mastered that is getting them all the hot leads in your city (even before you get a chance to be seen!)

This is frustrating because you know you can outperform your competitors in your sleep (they don't have the personal touch, nor the responsiveness you offer).

So why exactly aren't the leads pouring in?

The fact is...

You need to be EASY to find, because people will NOT do a deep-dive to find YOU!

Here’s what I  mean...

Ever done a Google search before? Say, while looking for the best small-office cleaning service in town…

You search "best cleaning service Seattle"

On the first page, you see a couple of good options, you click through some, and finally settle for the one that seems like the best fit, right?

Here's the reality of it...

90% of the time, you don't go beyond the first page of your Google search. And you certainly don't go beyond the second page.

Does that mean all the other cleaning services in Seattle that didn't show up on page 1 of Google aren't great?

Probably not...

Matter of fact, they could be the most excellent group of cleaners in the whole country, with an amazing customer care system!

But none of that matters, if they aren't on page 1...

You actually did not go for the best cleaning service in Seattle.

You went for the MOST VISIBLE.

And that's just how the cookie crumbles.

Now, think about your business...

(I sure as hell have been thinking about mine - which is why we already rank on page one.)

When your ideal customers search ''managed IT services San Antonio''  (assuming that's your local region), do you show up on that search?

Or do they wind up going for some IT company that may not even offer a quarter of the value you offer, simply because they're more visible than you are?

Marketing is about visibility

Regardless of how experienced and responsive your MSP company is, if you're not in the faces of your potential client, they'd never know!

But isn’t SEO extremely costly to nail for MSPs?

Normally, yes. Companies that get found on the first and second pages in a Google search, spend upwards of $6,000 - $15,000 monthly (verified) to stay on top of the search list using SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

But they still do it, because that's where all their fresh leads are coming from.

So, how do you
conquer Google?

With an aggressive SEO plan that outclasses your competition, a beautiful, conversion-focused website design and an MSP Marketing Plan that generates results.

Here's a story...

When I started MSP Launchpad, I wanted to disrupt the MSP marketing industry by just offering WAY more value than my competitors.

That is why we offered over $11,000 worth of value in website creation and management, at a flat fee of under $250/month (at the time)!

With our MSP SEO service, I want to replicate that level of cost-effectiveness.

Because, let's face it...

While you need to be right in front of your potential customers…

You may not be at the point where you can pump tens of thousands of dollars into marketing just yet.

But you need the leads, right? And we've got your back on that.

We provide top-of-the-line MSP marketing services to MSP owners who are eager and ready to dominate their market, at a fraction of the expected cost.

Wait a second...?

Wasn't MSP Launchpad known as the expert for conversion-focused MSP websites Ads?

That was the reality when we first started out.

Over the years, we have grown steadily and added on new services to help MSPs land more business.

For the longest time, I held back on offering SEO, because SEO is damn hard to master. I'd have to ''try to make it work" while charging you. That's not fair.

There is a saying in the marketing industry:

"You will find companies that are great at conversion-rate optimization and you will find companies that are great at SEO. It is near-impossible to find a company that is great at both.

And I agree.

Both are difficult fields... and trying to do both, many times means mastering none.

But! True to the MSP Launchpad spirit, we're not built to give up.

Becoming MSP SEO experts wasn't going to happen overnight. We knew that. But we also knew how valuable it would be for the MSP community to have 100% dedicated MSP SEO experts...

Not just some self-acclaimed "SEO expert" that's a generalist at best, with no deep understanding of your market.

So we got to work. It took us months and years of learning, hiring the right specialists, and objectively testing everything!

All so that we can offer enterprise-grade SEO to mid-market MSPs at a giveaway price!
Charging $8,000 a month for SEO doesn't help anyone.

After months of sweat, blood and tears... We did it!

After sifting through 100s of SEO firms, having hundreds of interviews and investing 10s of thousands of dollars into training the team for 24 months…

I'm glad to announce that we've dialed in the winning formula to make SEO work for MSPs.

And right about the time you're reading this, we're firing on all cylinders, and actually getting fantastic results for the MSPs that have counted on us!

(More on that later.)

When we first started out on this journey, we offered SEO as a stand-alone service to MSPs.

But, over the months and years, if there's one thing that became very obvious to us...

It's that SEO doesn't stand alone. It's not just about Google. There's a whole lot that goes into making SEO work.

We pivoted, and started offering SEO as a part of our all-inclusive lead generation programs...

Because at the end of the day, that's what you really want. Qualified leads. At a price that makes financial sense for your MSP.

More about our SEO services...

How can our MSP SEO skyrocket your business?

MSP Launchpad websites are built to convert cold leads into thankful customers. With our SEO services, the goal is to make sure that your MSP is the first thing people come across when searching online…

Every day, several businesses are searching for an IT company that they can trust. A team that is capable of taking all of their concerns away; one that responds quickly and that goes the extra mile.

With this, your conversion-ready website will be in front of these eager, ready-to-buy prospects, right when they urgently need your help!

Are you ranking for disaster recovery? If we rank you and someone gets hacked, you'll be the first one showing up on Google.

Amazing right? I mean, we all know how easy it is to close a customer like that - and to build a long-lasting relationship of trust at the same time.

They call in seconds - you help them, and POOF! That's one new, very thankful customer in the bag. This is just one of the ways we help you.

The ultimate
question is this...

How many business owners, conducting a frantic search for an IT Support company, would go all the way to the 7th page of Google to find you?

Almost none, right?

Now, think about what being on the First Page of Google would do for your business, with dozens, sometimes even a HUNDRED of MSP-related searches each day...

As a matter of fact, let's use actual figures

(MSP Launchpad websites tend to have a conversion rate of 1.5%)

You're currently on the 9th page of Google for "Best IT support company in Miami".

You get an average of 3 visitors per month from Google searches.

You enroll in one of our lead generation programs (MSP-GAPs).

We rank you for a mix of highly competitive keywords and others to strategically boost your overall ranking. The targeted ones have a PPC-proven conversion rate of 1-2% and the other ones have a conversion rate of 0.2% (estimated).

In month 2, your keywords start moving. Some go to page 6, some to 5, and some to 3. You are already getting more traffic. We focus on local SEO, using several strategies and citation bursts.

In month 6, you're on the 1st and 2nd page of Google for quite a few of your core keywords (especially for the less competitive keywords - unless some funky Google Algorithm Update delays/speeds up the process a bit). Realistically, this is the moment that the first leads start appearing.

In month 10, you're on the first page of Google with multiple keywords, having 80 times more traffic, including quite a bit of traffic in clear buying state. You can already expect ready-to-buy leads on a monthly basis.

At your MSP Launchpad conversion rate, around the 15th month, you get 2-5 ready-to-buy leads every month. How many of those would turn into customers? The math certainly is attractive.

Are you following this?

Being on the first page of Google can multiply your bottom line 10 - 20 times over!

Now, considering you're an IT Specialist, you already know that ranking on the first page of Google for high-value keywords does not happen immediately.

It's takes a while, but the payoff is massive.

We're talking 10x, 20x, 40x the clicks you could get with Google Ads, on the SAME MONTHLY BUDGET. Really? Yes. Really.

Let me repeat that: 10x, 20x, freaking 40x the clicks compared to the same budget with Google Ads is STANDARD after a year or two. That basically means that you can get 1, 2, even 3 years worth of clicks in a single month.

It's basically as much as your community allows and how many businesses are looking for MSP support.

Want to become the most-known MSP in town? This is how you do it.

Now - again - it is important that we are both on the same terms; we need to increase your rankings over time, so it's not going to generate leads immediately (that's Google Ads), in fact, it will take a while, but it's A LOT more leads and it's A TON CHEAPER PER LEAD.

All you have to do is accept a long-term, sustainable vision to your business - and enjoy the process. Because...

While you are climbing the rankings you'll get reports from us each month, so you have VERIFICATION it's working.

You'll have VERIFICATION that you're about to dominate the first page of Google with MANY keywords.

"IT Services Near Me", "IT Support For Business", "Microsoft 365 Migration", "Small Business Cloud Backup", "VoIP for Business", etc.

We know which ones work.

It takes top-level skill, strategy and consistency to get this done - and our unique blend of MSP-conversion knowledge, and SEO expertise is here to grow your business unlike any other company has ever been able to offer.

The only regret business owners ever have about investing in SEO is either

They didn't start early enough, or

They went in without a fail-proof SEO strategy …

As you might know, MSP marketing goes something like this:

Firstly, by word of mouth & referrals

Then by Google Ads

And at the top of the ladder, by search engine optimization

We're helping you skip the line, and get rolling with the big guys right off the bat!" SEO brings the crowd, your website converts them into  referring customers!"

What you get from our SEO services...

In simple terms, you get to dominate your local market with MSP SEO

You get to top search results in your city, ranking high, amongst the top players. You can rest assured that you're showing up in 100% of the searches for your location with our MSP SEO (even Google Ads can't assure you of that, I work with it; so I know).

Here's how we make it happen:

The search engine optimization algorithm is much like the YouTube algorithm…

When Google observes that people enjoy your content, it gets pushed in front of more people with similar desires and needs (that way, Google gets more users, win-win).

Our target is to give your web pages that level of importance and traction through content marketing by setting these up:

Core Search Engines Submission

The goal is to get you well-recognized and reputable across multiple search engines with a mix of keywords.

We not only set up and manage your Google My Business account (Google maps), we do the same for Bing Places, Apple Maps and a dozen other platforms..

Local Citation Building

We do this to ensure you have local dominance; meaning, the internet recognizes you as an authority in your niche and location.

How? By listing your business on reputable local business directories online. We get you recognized on sites like Yelp Places, Hotfrog, Foursquare, Merchant Cycle, City Grid, Angie's list and a couple others.

The results? You get to the top of searches done within your geographical location through local SEO.

Perfect On-Page SEO

We optimize your existing content, enabling you to rank higher, faster. We do this by ensuring your page is completely optimized for the search engines, from title tags to the content.

We go all out; passing your website through content optimization, SILO structure, content analysis, voice optimization, mobile optimization and speed optimization to ensure that SEO crawlers can immediately pick that your site is of high quality and should get high traffic from organic searches.

Quality Content Creation

For the internet to get the memo that your site is valuable and deserves more traction, we create high-quality content marketing pieces that make you stand out in front of your target audience.

Beyond written search engine optimized content, we provide you with high-quality videos, images, slides, pdfs, blog posts and even magazines.

All of this is to ensure you see a significant increase in your rankings. Of course, we do ALL of this FOR YOU, including distributing this content across several platforms and social media sites.

Manual Link Building And High Power Link Building (Backlinks)

Backlinks are the number 1 most important way Google ranks websites. The more backlinks you get from relevant sites and with high domain authority (from the technology and business-space), the higher you rank and we make that possible.

Strategy is everything. Our partners don't use blackhat methods to get you backlinks, rather as authority is built with high quality content, backlinks become a natural effect of that.

Rank For High Quality Keywords; Get High Quality Traffic

With our PPC knowledge, we are able to carry out effective keyword research and rank you for high quality keywords. We’re not just using obscure keywords, we’re talking best-quality traffic.

Think top-grade stuff like ‘IT companies New York’ or  'IT support Denver’ or  ‘best IT company British Columbia', etc (all based on your specific location).

Now, here's where the strategy bit comes to play… We mix it up, because we also need easier keywords to increase the ranking of the more difficult ones.

We do this in the most effective way, to get you on page one for the best keyword search results in the shortest possible time.

See Your Progress In Realtime

You don't have to "trust us" to get the job done. You watch your website move up the pages of Google'  from the 9th to the 7th to the 5th to the 3rd to the 1st… and BOOM! The leads start pouring in.

You get to verify the effectiveness of our SEO efforts from the first month.

Watch the video

We're not 'hoping' to achieve this… See what a UK-based client had to say

Ever felt like you're doing OK, but that it could be 10 times better if you would just decide to give lead-generation the attention it deserves?

That's exactly how Josh, co-founder of SonarIT was feeling before signing up with us.

They signed up for our SEO services, with hopes of getting that push they needed to get high-quality leads consistently.

In the space of 8 months, his MSP website was widespread on the first page of Google, getting 40 times the traffic they were getting beforehand.

He wasn't looking to dominate some unknown town. Nope. He got London. Top rankings across the board (with a testimonial of getting “an abundance of leads”).

Watch it here:

At this point, let's take a pause and think about this

What’s the lifetime value of 1 new customer to your managed service business...



Maybe even $300,000?

(If you factor in referrals they may bring, it could be more...)

The benefits of planning long-term

How about 1-2 new customers every single month, what would that mean for your bottom line?

Granted, SEO is a long-term play, but when it does pick up, you can bank on sustainable and consistent sales (not just leads) for your MSP.

This is why I've gone all in to dial in SEO for MSPs. So that we can offer it at a steal. And we're not just saying that... We have a track record of providing enormous value at a discount.

To our credit, we already proved that we deliver great value by charging under $250 per month for an $11,000 website.

There's clearly no point going through all this pain within our organization to dial SEO in, only to end up putting an $8,000 price tag on it (even if that may be the actual value).

We're slicing in our margins, to provide you with enterprise-grade SEO, at a fraction!

My reason for doing this is simple. I cannot wait to get your testimonials of leads literally pouring in!

Needless to say, prices will go up once over time… Our websites also started at $117 p/m (and the people who purchased then, are STILL ONLY PAYING THAT!).

To take this further, I’ve broken down the offer into different packages, based on just how much traction and growth you’re willing to see.

Before we get to the meat of this conversation…

Who am I? Why should you even trust me with your MSP Marketing strategy?

I'm Louis - a business traction specialist for MSPs

After becoming the most senior (regional) sales & marketing manager at a multi-national MSP, I fell in love with the industry (oh so deeply).

I loved the people in the executive team - and the engineers. That's when I decided I wanted to help the industry at large.

Before that, I had coached tech start-ups on traction strategies, been on the Advisory Board of a Chamber of Commerce, and trained some of the absolute titans of the global industry (>9-10 figures level).

I started MSP Launchpad to help MSPs who suck at digital lead generation and who are tired of growing slowly, get the leads and sales they deserve and need.

With this new Search Engine Optimization offering, I'm giving you the opportunity to skyrocket your MSP business with marketing that works.

The moment you've been waiting for

Witness the greatest deal in SEO history

Click the button below to take a look at our all-inclusive lead generation program, complete with an MSP launchpad website, MSP SEO, Google Ads and every other necessary aspects of winning online!

"Why are you advising me to inquire right now?"

We can only get a few people on the first page within the same location with local SEO for highly converting keywords.

As a result of that, we would be working with only 2 - 3 MSPs per city, to get you the best results in the shortest possible time.

So this is essentially a high-end, done-for-you MSP Marketing Strategy we are offering, not a generic templated approach that ends up being a waste of time and investment.

We put a limit to how many MSP SEO packages we can give out per location, and that means putting a limit on our revenue - for your best interest.

However, there's a catch...

As soon as the sales start pouring in, you commit to sending me testimonials on how our MSP SEO services have transformed your business for good.

Final friendly reminder,

We can only rank about 2 - 3 MSPs in your city on the first page of Google. Once the slots for your location fill up, we would not be able to take on any more MSPs for that location.

Larger cities fill up pretty quickly and there would be no other way we can offer you this value.

Immediately after you get the offer, you get a detailed analysis of the keywords you should target to get the most qualified leads (as well as your rank in those keywords) to you via mail in one working day.

You'd get detailed monthly reports on your progress and regular chats with me to assess your growth.

I cannot wait to get your testimonials of leads literally pouring in!

This is a once in a lifetime offer!

You literally have nothing to lose, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain yearly, while you rise to the first page of Google, and get many more qualified leads and sales than ever before!

Notwithstanding, I want to give you the final push with our stack of guarantees

Core Search Engines Submission

Get a detailed analysis of the keywords you should target to get the most qualified leads (as well your rank in those keywords) to you via mail in one work week after we start working or your money back.

The one-month guarantee

If you do not get a detailed report on what we have set up in the course of the month; you get your money back, no questions asked.

The six-month, success guarantee

If after the 6th month, you aren't already ranking on the first page of Google for at least 2 of your keywords, we would work for free for 2 additional months, until you rank on the first page of Google.

Remember, we can only rank about 2 - 3 MSPs in your city on the first page of Google. Once the slots for your location fill up, we would not be able to take on any more MSPs for that location.

Want to dive into our SEO? Then take a look at our Growth a
Accelerator Programs

We've found a way to make MSP SEO work, and that's by making it a part of a greater marketing strategy. Click the button below to get in today. Locations close up daily...