”They rock!”
”Seeing page-one results”
”Generating leads”

Acquire new clients for your MSP easily - without any marketing expertise!

With this 97% done-for-you system – you can focus on your clients, while we fill your pipeline up with as many eager-to-buy leads as your MSP can handle, month after month!

5.0 stars out of 28 reviews

Imagine what your MSP business will be like in Q2 of 2024 if

Instead of waiting around for referrals to roll in before landing a new client

You actually had a PIPELINE of ready-to-buy leads, waiting to get on the phone with your sales team and pay for your services…

Instead of losing hair, wondering how you’re going to keep getting new business in a recession

You could stay focused on providing quality IT support to your clients, knowing that your MSP wouldn’t lack new business – because a fail-proof system is in place for years to come!

Instead of throwing spaghetti on the wall, trying to figure out how to market your MSP

You could leave your lead generation efforts to experts in MSP marketing, who know just what’s needed to get you the most bang for your buck, while giving you an amazing brand online!

That would be awesome, right?

But now the real question is, why isn’t this the norm for your MSP? Before we answer that question…

Let’s look reality in the eyes

The next 6 - 18 months will be a difficult time for most businesses

Why? A recession is upon us! And sadly, it’s getting a ton of free publicity and building up anxiety in business owners.

In the MSP space, people are concerned about being able to maintain their existing clients, much less being able to ACQUIRE MORE CUSTOMERS at such a time.

Billionaires are advising you to stash up your coins – “don’t do anything that isn’t mission-critical at this time” they warn.

Everyone is clamping down on their marketing and sales efforts.

This begs the question, if you get a steady influx of new clients through marketing, isn’t that a mission-critical business effort?

For most MSPs - sadly, it isn’t

Mediocre, result-deprived marketing has been the order of the day for over 75% of the MSP market

For practically every MSP owner that has reached out to us for help, there’s a dark story of the hell-hole that marketing and lead-generation have been for them:

From having to wait 2 - 4 months before the next sale, because their entire marketing was 100% based on referrals

To signing multi-year contract deals with marketing agencies that promised them the moon, with nothing to show for it

To burning north of $6000 in ad spend, only to be hit in the face with absolute BS - no quality leads (well, except you count the grandma that needed her Windows updated)

To watching under qualified MSPs in their local region get all the viable clients because they had good marketing. Sadly if an “MSP” can complete reactive service tickets, clients don’t usually know if they’re terrible on the backend

The list of these horror tales goes on and on

So, yes – we get it. But…

When done right, killer marketing can leave you with an outsized market share, even in a recession!

Which (if we’re being honest) is the real reason why you’re on this page.

We’re taking the liberty to assume that if you got access to this, you’re not some random MSP owner looking to do the barest minimum…

You want results, despite the headlines and wave of fear all around the world.

And the best part is – it is possible!

Tough times build tough businesses.

There’s no greater opportunity to leave your competition behind, and get all the customers you could ethically get, than right now.

Because, while you’re doing well – you wouldn’t be here if you really believed you’ve maxed out the opportunities in your market, yes?

Your best bet is to do the exact opposite of what the regular MSPs in your city are doing right now.

They’re cutting back on their marketing efforts, and trying not to ruffle any feathers. That leaves a huge gap for you to literally dominate your city – with failproof marketing strategies!

Do you see how this could all pan out in favor of your MSP?

You see it? Perfect!

Now, before we go any further – who are we, and what gives us the right to tell you how to market your MSP?!

Let’s allow the results to do all the talking first, shall we?

5.0 stars out of 28 reviews

Who are we and how did we get here?

Interview w/ London Institute
of Business and Technology

We’re a group of MSP marketing and lead generation experts that set out to make successful marketing possible for MSPs.

Our founder (Louis) is a former MSP regional sales and marketing manager at a multinational MSP. He’s been flown across the world to train governments. He’s been able to crack the code on MSP marketing that produces results!

In a niche like yours, it’s crucial to leverage industry experience. At MSP Launchpad, we deeply understand what your dream clients want – and focus 100% on that.

Over the years, we’ve offered our marketing solutions in bits and pieces...

We started out by offering only conversion-focused websites, then Google ads, then SEO…

Up until this point, all of our clients have had to get one, two, or all three of our services, and this is how they’ve gotten all their results.

But then, it hit us…

What if we could pull proven MSP marketing elements into one sure-fire lead generation ARSENAL for MSPs?

We’re talking, about

A full-on, conversion-focused HTML Website

SEO to land you on the first page of Google organically

Google ads to attract and convert leads like clockwork

Email sequences to nurture your relationship with leads once they download your freebie

Professional photo shoot for you and your team

Full branding kit to make you stand out in your market

Every other thing you need to pull your target audience in and close them!

And that’s exactly what we’ve done!

Before now, these were your options:

Hire marketing experts and form your very own team in-house

This would easily cost you multiple 6 figures
every single year

You’d have to train them in the MSP space because you’re guaranteed to get zero results without that deep understanding of your industry

This will add multiple layers of complexity to your
overall operation,

Outsource your lead generation to a marketing agency with no experience in your industry.

Get ready to become one more experiment in their books. They're generalists at best, not specialists in MSP marketing. The learning curve is huge!

You’d wind up needing multiple agencies for the different services because it takes a team that has been there, and done that to provide it all! Generalists would most likely outsource your work on Fiverr, getting you “meh” results (at best).

End up spread thin, not knowing who’s responsible for what – or who to hold accountable if there are no results.

You could take a good look at this all-in-one solution that our team of MSP marketing specialists has put together for businesses just like yours!

It’s been years in the making, and by far, our most aggressive system yet…

It's about time

Introducing the
MSP Growth Accelerator Program (MSP-GAP)

Optimized to take cold leads and to turn them into ready buyers.

Consistent increase in MSP leads, month after month...

The only MSP lead generation system you need to get new, eager leads for your MSP consistently, without any marketing expertise!

That’s the promise, and it’s pretty straightforward.

It's the only 97% done-for-you lead generation program that 5 - 50 man MSPs can rely on to generate qualified leads consistently. All while building a solid reputation for your MSP online.

While you’re de-loading businesses of their IT burdens, we’re offering to de-load you of your marketing headaches, confusion, and the gut-wrenching feeling of being stuck!

So what exactly do you get with the MSP Growth Accelerator Program?

This is for MSPs who understand that every once in a while, there's a magical opportunity, by a marketing agency that is just as focused and rebellious as you are.

Here’s what you get in greater detail…


Website - our top-of-line ''MAXXED OUT'' model

MSP Launchpad websites are specifically designed with the sole purpose of converting your audience into hot leads for your MSP. The websites are built in HTML, Java, and CSS with modern tools. With your very own clean, conversion-focused website, you’re finally ready to leave your competition behind – because this is the foundation of your online marketing.

  • You get your very own conversion machine, and officially leave the camp of MSPs getting zero results from their websites!

  • You get access to your own back-end, which you can use to update content, upload blog posts, and more.

  • WordPress-based websites cannot compare to the design, stability, security, and ease of use of the technology we use.

  • All content will be in alignment with Google's recent algorithmic updates. When Google adapts its ranking strategy, we immediately pivot!

  • Included services include copywriting, CMS integration: blogs, testimonials job openings, one offer-based landing page, mobile & 4K-responsive, technical and meta SEO, including 301 redirect links (transfer your SEO thus far), page speed optimization, conversion rate optimization, site map and much more…


First page ranking - SEO

Our best-in-class SEO consists of a concentrated effort to rank your website on the first page of Google (and other search engines) on multiple keywords - keywords that are proven to draw in new customers. Successful execution of an SEO strategy is built upon

  • A solid competitor analysis and keyword strategy

  • Consistent content creation and distribution across a variety of platforms: videos, brochures, PDF articles, blogs, and landing pages - which attract our target market

  • The creation of backlinks from (niche-related) websites with high authority

  • Online platform participation: perfectly fill in and optimize all Google, Bing and Apple platforms, business indexes, content websites, social media, etc.

  • Technical website optimization: loading speed, meta descriptions, internal linking, SEO widgets and more

  • Generally, we give you the online appearance of a company that has a 20-man team of marketing rockstars behind their sails.


Top-tier Google Ads

Using Google ads, we can help you skip the line and start getting ready-to-buy leads for your MSP, even if you got zero results in previous campaigns. We carry out comprehensive performance management of all your Google Ads search campaigns, including mobile campaigns (click-to-call), search network campaigns, and retargeting. Google Ads management includes, but is not limited to

  • Keyword management, negative keyword lists

  • Competitive analysis

  • Custom scripts and plugins

  • Call Tracking Analytics

  • Custom Audiences

  • Heatmaps

  • Creative ad copy

  • Bid and budget management

  • 3+ Custom Landing Pages + ongoing optimization

  • Dynamic Remarketing

  • A/B Testing

  • Much more


Google Business Profile Setup

You probably have no idea the gold mine that GMB can be for your business. If you run a random search for a service-based business in your area, guess what would be right on top of that page… We want to make sure your GMB profile is always optimized and up-to-date. We'll continuously feed it content so you can attract more customers. Plus, we'll help you increase your online visibility so you can get ahead of your competitors.


Set Up Social Media Accounts With Branding

While organic social media is not an effective driver of traffic when outsourced, It is still important for all of your company's social media platforms to look professional. This gives your company a level of credibility and helps you to build trust with potential customers. We take care of that so that you don’t have to.


Google Remarketing Banners (budget excluded)

Once you start receiving significant traffic, we include Google Ads Banner Remarketing as part of your packages. This way, your banner advertisements will follow previous visitors around the web, keeping you top of mind. Excludes the advertising budget - for which $100-$150 per month is more than enough.


Corporate Photoshoot

If your business is eligible to have a photoshoot done, we will take care of this. Why? It turns your Google Business Profile and your website into literal lead magnets. This is because prospects want to connect with real people, not some stock imagery of men in suits shaking hands. Even if your office isn't the most impressive out there, you can always do a ''founder & team'' shoot at a different location.


Branded Materials; Brochures, Socials And More

Don't settle for a generic online presence. Your business deserves custom designs that reflect its unique personality and sends a strong message that you're serious about your business. That’s why we customize the designs of your brochures, slides, and stationery. We'll work with you to create a look that captures your company's personality and makes a strong impression on your customers.


Tracking Analytics Portal

Tired of limited visibility into your metrics when collaborating with a marketing agency? With us, you get full-time access to a completely independent analytics portal. Just remember that all metrics are vanity; in the end, it is about whether or not lead-flow increases over time. Trust us and relax.


Email Sequences & Nurturing

Downloading a file from your website will trigger a series of emails designed to nurture your relationship with the customer. The email series will provide valuable information about how to use the file they downloaded, as well as introduce them to other products and services that might be of interest. By building a nurturing relationship with your customers, you create loyalty and increase the chances of continued business. We handle all of this for you as well…


Text Messages Follow-Up & Chatbot

Emails are great. But you know what really grabs attention? Text messages. A text message is impossible to miss. It's like a personal invitation to check what you've got waiting for you. That's what we’d help your organization do - send text reminders and check in on your prospects through friendly, sociable text follow-ups.


Dedicated Customer Success Manager

We only hire customer success managers who really clearly state that they aren't actually on OUR side, they are on YOUR side. You can be assured that you have your very own personal champion with us all day long, making sure your campaigns are successful and leads are pouring in, or she'll give it to us.


Logo Redesign (if Required)

As MSPs grow, one concern they have is the fact that the logo they’ve been using since the dotcom era no longer suits what they’ve evolved into. If you need to change up your logo and start out with a fresh brand image and voice, we have got you covered.


Welcome Box Management

Most MSPs are focused on the lead's experience pre-sale, not many put much thought into the customer's experience post-sale. We help you keep the momentum going by providing your clients with an amazing post-sale experience, making it more likely that they’d stick with you longer (provided your services are as promised, which we expect).


Referral Hunt

While we help you convert cold leads into eager-to-buy prospects, we don’t stop there. There’s still potential for referrals, but it wouldn’t happen by asking your clients to refer you every couple of months. We’d help you systemize that, making it a process that you can follow to get referrals from your most loyal customers.


Google Reviews Hunt

In the MSP space, reviews are (almost) everything! Prospects will ALWAYS want to see how your MSP has treated other businesses in the area, before making such a big leap to trust you with their private data, business – basically their lives. In the MSP-GAP, we’ve also systemized this, helping you get much more reviews than you previously got, both on your Google My Business page and on your website.

By this point, it’s easy to understand why we’ve called the MSP Growth Accelerator Program the ONLY (recession-proof) system your MSP needs to generate qualified leads…

The best possible cost of getting this done individually:

The MSP-GAP comes in two tiers; Premium and Elite.

It’s a “choose your own adventure” type of situation. Here’s what you get in the different tiers, with the actual costs of each individual service.

Note: The figures BELOW are not just realistic… They are the rates we’ve offered some of these services individually (which are already heavily discounted – because of our service-first approach).



Individual Service

Individual Service

Individual Service

Website Maxxed Out

$12,799 (one-time)

$17,499 (one-time)

  • Core pages

  • Service pages

  • Location pages

  • Industry pages

  • Direct Response landing pages

  • Total

MSP - specific Email Sequence & Nurturing



Google My Business Management



Set Up Socials
(one-time fee)



SEO or  Google Ads



  • SEO

  • Google Ads

(budget excluded)



Photoshoot (one-time fee)



Branded Materials / Proposal Updates (one-time fee)



Welcome Box Management


One-time fee $500, ongoing $100

Tracking + lead-gen portal



Referral Hunt
(one-time fee)



Google Reviews Hunt
(one-time fee)



Client Testimonial Formula
(one-time fee)



Dedicated Project Manager



Chatbot and Text messages Follow-up



LeadInfo Subscription
(track up to 100 businesses/ month)



Actual monthly value

(+ one-time fee of $14,349)

(+ one-time fee of $27,049)

MSP Launchpad Price



We're going the extra mile to ensure this is a no-brainer for you...

While these prices are already a significant drop from the already realistic prices, we’re slicing in our own margins, to de-risk this decision to the best we can for your MSP.

It’s crazy, the figures we're putting out– but we’re conscious of our actions, and it will make sense in a minute.

In addition to that, we're offering a bonus of $750 - $1,000 in Google Ads credit OR LeadInfo for 6 months (free).

This bonus is given to you when you sign up and follow through with the onboarding and feedback with no delays.

$1000 in G Ads basically means you get a chance to generate leads once the website is live.

With LeadInfo, you can see the companies that check out your landing pages and offers, so you can be proactive about reaching them to make a decision (an absolute goldmine for Sales executives).

Note: On the Elite package, you have LeadInfo weaved into your account, which means you get an automatic $1,000 in Google Ads credit.

So here’s why we’re slicing into our margins for you

We believe that within 3 - 12 months of being in the program, you’d be so in love with our processes (and much more) and the results you’d have gotten – that you’ll be with us for a lifetime!

We’re not out to make a quick buck (or even secure our interest upfront), we’re out to make a lasting impression on how you grow your MSP going forward.

What’s the flow of the MSP-GAP?

As you can imagine, the plan isn’t to overwhelm you with all 16 unique services all at once. Here’s how things would stack on top of each other to help your MSP grow to new amazing heights…

You get on a call with our founder, Louis – for us to be absolutely sure that your MSP is a perfect fit for the program

Once you're 100% certain you're ready to fire one, and we are too. you enroll your MSP

Immediately, you get our super intuitive and easy onboarding tool, provide us with the information we need to get to work instantly

In 2 weeks, you’d get your website will be ready for feedback

By now, we’d have linked you up with the photographer for your professional shots

We start setting up your SEO and Google ads (based on your budget) awaiting your website going live

By the end of the month, your brand new website is live and ready to rock!🎉SEO and Google ads start running simultaneously (depending on your tier)

You also receive your bonuses at this point (Ts & Cs apply)!

MSP-GAP Premium: $750 in Google Ads credit / LeadInfo for 6 months (free)

MSP-GAP Elite: $1,000 in Google Ads credit

By Month 2, we provide your fully branded kit, set up your socials, and lead tracking

Within this month, we also officially start following up on your leads via texts

We set up the welcome box system for your new clients

Everything we set up in month one (website, SEO, Google ads, etc) keeps being maintained without your input

By Month 3, you’re ready for email marketing – we set this up for you to nurture the connection with your leads

This month, we also start the google reviews and referrals hunt for you (under MSP-GAP Elite)

We also coach your team on how to get at least 5X more Google reviews on a weekly basis

You get on a call with Louis (MSP Launchpad's founder) to get acquainted and ensure you're a perfect fit for the MSP-GAP

On the next call, we will do a market analysis of your location. Here, we confirm if there's enough demand to push towards you

You get the agreement and confirm that we're 100% aligned. As soon as you sign up, you get access to our intuitive onboarding tool

After completing the seamless onboarding, we start production on the agreed-upon date (You qualify for extra Google Ads credit here)

Within week 1, we build a high-level strategy for your online lead generation. From website URL structure to SEO keyword strategy to Google Ads offers

Also within this week, we start connecting you to a local photographer for your photoshoot (if applicable) 📸

By the end of week 1, you get on a call with your customer success manager to approve the overall strategy

Within the 3 weeks that your marketing machine of a website is in production, we get to work on other areas.

We already start working on your SEO at full speed🚀; optimizing your Google Business Profile, creating backlinks, etc

By the end of the month, you get your brand new website (complete with 40 - 50 pages of compelling and engaging content)🎉

After that, you get a colossal 2-week period to request any changes you want using an intuitive website feedback tool (changes are made at no extra cost to you, ofcourse)

By the 6th week, your website will be live, and ready to rock🔥Complete with SEO going and Google Ads getting set to launch

You also receive your bonuses at this point (Ts & Cs apply)!

MSP-GAP Premium: $750 in Google Ads credit / LeadInfo for six months (free)

MSP-GAP Elite: $1,000 in Google Ads credit

In the 7th and 8th weeks, we help you set up your socials with exceptional branded designs and provide you with your branded materials

Also, we start actively requesting more client testimonials for you

PS: Most clients start getting their first leads and even sales in month 2

Everything we set up in month one (website, SEO, Google ads, etc.) keeps being maintained without your input

We publish excellently written and unique blogs, press releases, landing pages, and location-specific SEO pages for you on an ongoing basis

This only means one thing, your website will keep gaining more authority over time = more eyeballs = more clicks = more leads!🎉

By Month 3, you’re ready for email marketing – we set this up for you to nurture the connection with your leads

We start the referral hunt for MSPs on the Elite package

We also coach your team on how to get at least 5X more Google reviews on a weekly basis

All ongoing services continue from month 3 to infinity!

Think of SEO and Google Ads Management, Remarketing Management, and Website Maintenance

+ Welcome Box Management, Lead Follow Up, etc. (under MSP-GAP Elite)

We also have monthly calls to review your marketing, analytics and results!

We keep raising the bar month after month to keep you excited and satisfied with our services and results…

Think about it…

If MSPs could get these results with 1, 2, or 3 of our services – imagine with the complete 16-component program would achieve…

Why exactly should you act now?

We can't guarantee that you'd meet this offer tomorrow (and our slots typically fill up quickly)...

Why limited-time offer?

Once it's unsustainable for us to maintain this offer, we would revise our prices (margins are crying out for help).

We plan to only work with forward-thinking MSPs that are just as passionate about growth as we are.

We only work with 1 - 2 MSPs per city, once your city is filled up, there’s practically nothing we can do to help.

So what happens if I don't meet this discount when I'm ready?

We won't be able to revert the rates, to stay true to all other MSPs that would be ready when you are.

We advise you take the today's offer, while it's available.

What are our big guarantees?

NOTE: We ONLY offer these guarantees only to MSPs that are looking to commit – because MSP growth is a marathon, not a sprint.

If by any chance you’re searching for a 7-day hack, we can already confirm that this PROGRAM is not a perfect fit for you.


If we haven’t set up your website OR SEO/ Google ads (or any other service we promised to have set up by the end of the second month), simply send us a mail and you’d get your money back – no questions asked.

If you’re willing to commit to a one-year contract, we have additional, result-backed guarantees for you...

For MSP-GAP Premium

(lower tier)

You own the website after 1 year

If you don't get at least 3 qualified leads per month after the first year, we work at 50% price until you're there.

If you don't get at least 5 qualfied leads per month after year 2, we will work at 50% cost until you are there.

For MSP-GAP Elite

(highest tier)

You own the website after 1 year

If you don't get at least 3 pre-qualified leads booked straight into your calendar per month after the first year, we work at 50% price until you're there.

If you don't get at least 6 pre-qualified leads per month booked straight into your calendar after your second year, we will work at 50% until you are there.

Remember, we can only enroll 2 - 3 MSPs in your city into the MSP Growth Accelerator Program.

Once the slots are taken - sadly - we'd unable to help your MSP.

While you’re still here, let’s answer some more questions you may have...


How will the photo shoot be done?

We work with a network of professional photographers around the world. No matter where your MSP is, we’d link you up with a team that would come in to take all your professional photos.


How long before the website goes live?

You’d first be able to start giving feedback on your website 4 weeks after your sign-up block (we have a max number of websites per block, another reason you’d want to get started now). According to our road map, your MSP website goes live by the end if the 6th week.


How long before my first lead?

Results vary depending on your preference, budget and tier. With Google Ads, our clients typically start seeing results 3 - 4 weeks after the campaign is live (with a good enough budget). SEO takes more time to build up but is a longer-lasting alternative, our clients typically start seeing some traction from there between 3 - 7 months in. On the Elite tier, both SEO, Google Ads, and referrals would be firing on all cylinders for your MSP growth!