MSP Keywords that enable you to attract new qualified leads, like clockwork

With this never-shared-before cheatsheet, you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars (and years of experimentation) trying to identify the right MSP keywords all on your own!

”They rock!”
”Seeing page-one results”
”Generating leads”

Here’s a stat you probably
already know

93% of all B2B purchases start with a Google search

This says a lot about where you should be focusing your marketing efforts, now more than ever…

Now, does this mean we’re discounting the bells and whistles; tradeshows and social media shorts?

Not at all!

If you have the set up to pursue those all at once, by all means, go for it!

But always remember what the real goldmine is for B2B tech sales is... Good old GOOGLE!

Instead of waking up to an inbox of 1 or 2, grossly unqualified leads for your MSP every two weeks…

What if you could get an abundance of leads for your MSP, by simply making your MSP website show up on the search results of those that need your services RIGHT NOW?

Imagine what that could do for your MSP business…

That would be amazing, right?

But, here’s the thing...

Targeting the right
audience on Google
is just as difficult as
it is crucial...

You probably already know that.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending thousands on marketing efforts that don’t pay off!

Imagine spending heavily on Google ads or search engine optimization, only to get a boatload of traffic from (wait for it)...

Grandma's trying to fix a broken computer! So much for “business-to-business advertising,” right? Now, you’re at the point where you are almost concluding that Google is not the way your MSP needs to go, and we totally understand that. But the problem is not your MSP…


Here’s the problem…


You (or the acclaimed SEO whiz helping you out) do not have access to the specific keywords you should be targeting for your different services in your city!

It’s really that simple. And that’s not your fault, there is no level of combing the internet for hacks and tips that could magically drop that on your laps… Think about it,

How do you know the specific blend of keywords that would give you the type of quality traffic you need on a regular basis? We’re not talking about some one-hit-wonder.

What you really want is a proven keyword strategy that you can count on to attract your ideal clients consistently. Free keyword research tools never give you access to the specific MSP keywords that bring the most results. Premium tools are extremely complex to use and could be intimidating if you’re not an SEO specialist with years of experience.

After thousands of split tests and over 1000 hours of keyword research, we cracked the code

We knew there had to be a fail-proof way to source out sure-fire keywords for our Google ads and MSP SEO clients...

So we made it our lives’ mission - at the time - to figure this out. And we did!

It took weeks, months, and (even) years of scrubbing data off our campaigns and local SEO efforts…

We took the time to manually vet the quality of leads that came through for our different campaigns over the years and directly link them to the specific keyword(s) used. By repeating this process thousands of times over a span of 3 years, we created an instinct of what works when it comes to MSP keywords and search engines.

Your understanding of search engines could
make or break your MSP marketing campaign

Not all search engine results pages are made the same. We got slammed in the face with this reality when we first started off. A lot of traffic doesn’t always mean a lot of sales. So nailing the exact keywords that your target audience is searching the internet with, would save you tens of thousands of dollars in advertising and SEO efforts.

Being an MSP marketing company ourselves, we had to invest heavily in R&D, before we got a hang of the specific keywords that would radically reduce advertising costs for our clients and help them eat their competition alive!

As a wise man once said,

“Better is a little traffic from your target audience than a truckload of traffic from those who downright aren’t”

Listen to what other MSP
owners say about our services…

The truth about MSP Keywords and MSP Marketing

Choosing MSP keywords is not about targeting
keywords that have the most monthly search

Neither is it about bidding for keywords with the highest cost per click, or with the lowest keyword difficulty.

You definitely aren’t going to get any help from the MSP sub-Reddit either…

The MSP keywords that get you the most bang for buck, are the ones you can only know to use after years of trial and error, and painstaking keyword research in the MSP market.

We’re talking, keywords that could scare anybody away.

They aren’t always the sexiest, but they get the job done…

We’re giving away our never-shared-before, in-house MSP Keywords Cheatsheet

We have compressed the results of years of keyword research, thousands of A/B tests, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend…

Into one clear and concise MSP Marketing game-changing resource.

And we are giving it to you, entirely free of charge!

With this single resource, you would be able to get your MSP website pages to show up in search results that bring qualified leads.

Whether you’re investing in SEO efforts for your managed services, or you want to get quick results with Google Ads, these keywords would keep you right in front of your potential customers.

Whether you want to use them on web pages to landing pages, to blog posts, to meta titles and descriptions—this MSP Keyword Cheatsheet will put your MSP on search results of eager, ready-to-buy potential customers.

This MSP Keyword Cheatsheet would make a massive change in your business if

You offer managed services to businesses
(locally or remotely)

You’ve been trying to get a headstart with SEO or Google Ads

You've probably burnt some good cash, bidding on Keywords your thought were perfect, but ended up bringing you zero relevant traffic OR You don’t want to get burnt in that painstaking process at all

So, what exactly do you
get in the MSP Keywords

Our in-house, best-of-the-best SEO MSP keywords list, guaranteed to put you in front of a ready audience

Our proven, highly successful Google Ads MSP keywords list

Our road map to coming up with these keywords, from research to split testing
(worth all the years we’ve been in operation!)

Major pitfalls most MSPs make when trying to get results with SEO and Google Ads and how to avoid them and save tens of thousands of Advertising dollars
(worth tens of thousands, literally)

Another mind-blowing free gift within the free gift, you get to find out inside.
(get the Cheatsheet to find out)

Who are you and
why are you giving
this away for free?

At MSP Launchpad, we’re passionate about helping you as a managed service provider get predictably successful results from your marketing efforts.

Our model is an entirely done-for-you marketing system, that enables you to focus on your clients, while we manage your entire marketing.

From local SEO strategy that makes you a local business magnet, to storming up entire digital advertising campaigns, to clean website designs, to providing brochures and email sequences to attract and convert new leads!

Between 2020 and 2023, we have helped over 75 MSPs across The US, Canada, Australia and some parts of Europe, crush their marketing game… and we don’t plan to slow down.

This MSP Keyword Cheatsheet has been a vital part of our operations since we got it locked down, and we actually used to charge for this separately.

But we decided to give this away for free
for 3 big reasons…

Our obvious love for the MSP community and desire to make your MSP marketing profitable.

To offer free marketing assistance to the MSPs that we may not be able to work with, because we aren’t a perfect match (turning down offers, due to limited slots per location sucks… This is our way of helping out, regardless).

To serve as a foretaste of just how glorious and thorough working with us is.

The goal here is simple:

  • use this free resource,
  • get actual results,
  • and come back for more MSP Launchpad magic.

Positioning your MSP website on the search engines correctly, could be the difference between a failed campaign and an amazingly successful one…

Snatch our MSP Keywords Cheatsheet today FOR FREE, and start getting those leads you need for your MSP

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