Benjamin Leo Challinor, Founder of Clyk

We received a 200-seat lead which I'm meeting with... We now have an awesome website, it's gorgeous. The feedback we get is amazing!

"Hi everyone, I'm Benjamin from Clyk, we've been working with Louis and the MSP Launchpad team since about June, or July time, so early on in the summer.

We have just started to get some really good traction on leads off the website. In fact, we received a lead on Friday which I'm meeting with today for a 200 endpoint seat.

We've had an awesome website that's been running like say since the summer is absolutely gorgeous and we love it and the feedback we get is amazing obviously now just over less than six months, around six months, these sorts of leads and the traction started coming through now which is great, you know, you've got to give it.

Six, twelve months for it to nurture and feed, and now it's coming through.

We've got a really great account manager, we've got a great SEO team behind them, a great markup system for adjustments on the website and we've got a lovely roadmap of future plans, new offerings, and exciting things going on in the click.

So I want to thank everybody at MSP Launchpad for the hard work and yeah, I'd like to continue."

Roshi Brigham, VP of business development and marketing at DivergeIT

Our website has already converted a sale and leads are starting to really funnel through the way we had projected...

"Hi, my name is Roshi. I'm the VP of business development and marketing at DivergeIT. At DivergeIT, we had a fully functioning website, but it just wasn't really converting leads the way we wanted it to.

I wanted something that would give our customers a journey through our company and our website and we really were able to achieve that with MSP Launchpad.

Our website has already converted one sale for us and we're actually working with a company right now with over 70 endpoints and leads are starting to really funnel through the way we had projected.

The best thing about working with the MSP Launchpad team is they are responsive to our needs. 

We're able to ask for something and they always acknowledge that we've sent in a message and we're waiting for their response. So that's the best thing about working with them. 

Also, Louis is great at coming up with ideas to help really take my vision to the next level. We're proud to have that partnership and strategic level of thinking with him."

Matt Canavan, Managing Partner at InfoTank

MSP Launchpad got us 3 sales (not just leads) with Google Ads within a few months of the new website going live, while all other marketing agencies never delivered.

"Just like everyone else, we had been stuck trying to solve the lead-gen problem for our MSP. Tried a few marketing agencies, who wasted our money in an almost careless way. Especially with Google Ads; we assessed their work and saw a lot of unclean traffic.

The agencies didn’t know how to optimize traffic specifically for MSPs and got the wrong eyeballs on our ads. We also felt they didn't really understand our keywords and account.

So we had to keep searching and then came across MSP Launchpad on Google. They mentioned that they could help us, and that clean traffic is not an issue with them so we decided to take them on for SEO, Google Ads, and a new website.

The website went live as planned, exactly after 1 month - and so did the Google Ads. We started generating leads from that point on. Our ad spend has been modest at around $1,800 monthly on average.

We committed up to $3,000.- per month, but they could generate up to $1,800 of clean traffic in our area and we sincerely appreciate how committed they are to not having useless clicks and budget wasted.

We always had the plan to wean off the Google Ads when SEO started kicking in, and the MSP SEO is now kicking in gear - SEO traffic doubled in the last 30 days and is becoming significant.

So amazingly, it's all going to plan. We'll keep Google Ads active, but are reducing the ad spend to only target the absolute cream of the crop keywords, saving extra capital because the SEO is already coming into force.

MSP Launchpad is doing everything they promised. We also understand Google Ads ourselves and we can see that these guys are undoubtedly the best we've ever worked with.

We also really appreciate that they keep looking at the future. They think alongside us to develop lead-generating opportunities for our specific market. We look forward to collaborating for a long time to come."

Ben Gallagher, Head of Sales at Greenlight ITC

... Our main problem is now finding engineers, not lead flow - we know that they can crank it up at any time. And that is a very comfortable feeling.

"We are a 30-person MSP and we started working with MSP Launchpad about a year ago. At the time, we had been investing significantly in Google Ads (>7k aus$ p/m) for a while, with admittedly 0 results.

Once they got our website up and installed their Ads setup, we got our first sale in 3 weeks. The second sale followed in about 2 months I think. They also decreased our Google ad spend by 30%. Including their management fee, our total marketing cost still went down by 20% or so (they literally pay for themselves).

Our main problem is now finding engineers, not lead flow - we know that they can crank it up at any time. And that is a very comfortable feeling.

Side notes: they keep A/B testing new approaches, they solved lead quality issues when they came up & working with them gave us a lot of insight into our sales process as well - the call tracking is great. They are a brilliant partner for us. Totally hands off."

Invo Technology - Tom Brennan

Before MSP Launchpad, we had zero results in 18 months and now we are getting established leads coming our way and they helped us when we expanded our business locations as well.

"They’ve already paid for themselves and then some in the first 9 months of working with us. They mostly focus on SEO with us.

So far, we have multiple 6 figures of contract work closed & delivered, as well as currently negotiating MSP services with 30 and 80-user prospects who we already delivered contract work for (which came in through their website). 

We’re ranking for key keywords. They not only delivered what our website needed but also pretty much everything we wanted. Before MSP Launchpad, we had zero results in 18 months, and now we are getting established leads coming our way.

They helped us when we expanded our business locations as well.

It has been 9 amazing months of working with them. Definitely a 5-star rec!"

Tim Passons, Founder at Sonic Systems & SonicVoIP

... The website has been live for a few months and we're already seeing "page one"-results with many of our target keywords. Couldn't be happier.

"We have had a very stale and stagnant website for probably almost 8 - 10 years. I'm sad to say, given that we're in the technology industry. After lengthy searches across the internet and lots of recommendations, we found Louis with MSP Launchpad.

The process has been fantastic across the board up to this point. We were very slow getting loose information.

They were very good about working with us and working around our timeframes. And they kept us accountable to make sure that we were getting the information needed to keep the process going. Something we aren't used to with a lot of our vendors is holding us accountable.

As we all know, as business owners, we get pretty busy and it can be tough to get the information they need to do their job and to keep everybody successful.

And they did a great job with that. The website has been live for a couple of months, and we're already seeing page-one results with many of the search terms we're targeting. So I couldn't be happier with the process and with MSP Launchpad. Highly recommend them to anybody"

Josh Bevis, Founder of Sonar IT

... An abundance of leads, the largest being >100 seats, on just a few months of Tier 4 SEO.

"I really, really don't want to give this review because I don't want my competition and any other variety of companies to find out about MSP Launchpad. We've worked with Louis for about two months now, on the Tier four package. We have an abundance of leads coming in and some of my largest ones is 100+ users and came in very strong and we're hoping to close that very soon. The views on the website have skyrocketed and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback. I'm really looking forward to working with Louis more in the future."

Roman Massey, CEO of Raxxos

... They rock! Our first 120-SEATS LEAD only 2 weeks into our new website.

"So we’re a team of 9 and we’re a young & energetic team. We work with a lot of fast-paced customers. We hired MSP Launchpad because our previous website was not converting AT ALL. The new site looks incredible, the onboarding was super easy, the feedback tool they use is super intuitive (you can literally click on the website and leave a comment anywhere, it’s awesome).

But like I said the reason we hired them was because our previous website was not converting at all! I’m happy to say we just got our first lead from the new website only 2 weeks in and it’s a 120 SEATS LEAD. I hope we’ll be reporting many more leads in the weeks to come. Thank you Louis, thank you MSP Launchpad, you guys ROCK."

Eryn Meeker, Office Manager at Tech Experts

The site feels modern, trendy & geared to what our prospects want to read.

"We had been planning to revamp our website for a year or two before finding MSP Launchpad, and once we did, we stopped putting off the project and jumped right in. Louis is very easy to work with, and the process for submitting information upfront was not only thorough but considerate toward our goals and ideal clients.

After the information was submitted, the turn-around for the first draft of the site was quick and punctual. After that, you can leave feedback in a privately shared workspace, and they’ll implement the changes you request, from formatting to swapping out images to rewriting/replacing text. They made every change I asked for, and the first draft of the copy was great and provided a great launching-off point for my edits and tweaks. The changes were often made overnight, so the turn-around on those is also very quick.

Our site feels updated and modern without feeling trendy; it’s a very clean, classic, and easy-to-read design with copy that’s targeted toward what prospects actually want to read. I prefer it over every template I had collected, the process was easy (and without the hassle of playing with a template or code), and the copy is better than what I could have written alone. I’m very happy with the final result!"

JD Jankowsi, Founder of CelereTech

... The website is dynamic, very responsive, quick to load & MUCH better than our previous site.

"We approached MSP Launchpad because our website was a little updated. It was not getting us any leads. It was also slow. We noticed the performance issues that we were trying to get resolved.

And then, of course, the MSP Launchpad Team was able to provide a new dynamic website. Very responsive, quick to load, quick to respond when you click on links and open up the different locations, which is great and much better than our previous website was.

And working with the team was fantastic.Very responsive. Most requests were within a day or less, sometimes a day or two, just depending on how much needed to be done, but very quick to get the site up and running."

Abelardo Canaan, Founder of Central Nexus IT

... Learned about Louis and MSP Launchpad through the Techtribe.

"So I actually learned about Louis and MSP Launchpad from somebody else in the Techtribe. I've been looking for somebody about a new website for me, something that I did on my own, just not really good, to be honest. The process was pretty simple and straightforward. First of all, he got all the answers that he needed. He showed me the ideas more or less what I need, and I actually quite like it.

I will say two weeks for  how long it took for the site to be up. And just all of my going back and forth. And pretty straightforward. Pretty awesome. We also got the back end. The most important thing is we get awesome support. If you're in the market and you are an MSP just like me, maybe starting out. A call with Louis, just takes 10 minutes."

Cécile, Partner at DeepIT

We were really surprised at how well MSP Launchpad took care of things with a quick and controlled process.

"Our company, Deep IT, is an MSP specialised in the medical field. Before finding MSP Launchpad, we had a website that was a simple showcase of our MSP, but even at that, it didn't really show all of our services and didn't target our customers well.

We grew a lot in a few years, and our MSP website no longer reflected all of the services we are offering to our clients, which wasn’t doing any good for our MSP marketing. In addition, our MSP has become very specialised in the medical field over the last few years, and our old website was not really targeting our clients properly, so the website wasn't really bringing in any leads.

That's why we called MSP Launchpad to redesign our website. We were really surprised at how well MSP Launchpad took care of things with a quick and controlled process. MSP Launchpad has a very good knowledge of the MSP market and the different services generally offered (being experts in MSP marketing and lead generation for MSPs).

Within the first week, we received a form to fill out with very clear and targeted questions to give them all the information needed to start building our new website. After that, we quickly moved to the design phase. They took into account all of our expectations regarding design and prepared a nice wireframe that we are very satisfied with.

During the design phase, they set up a collaborative tool to further refine the design to our needs and give back and give feedback on the development. The copywriter did extensive research and adapted his vocabulary to the medical environment, which is our primary market segment.Since our clients are mainly French-speaking, MSP Launchpad was also able to set up a system for us to translate and adapt the content into French ourselves. The MSP website was completed in two months as planned. Our new website has given our company a more professional image.

Our clients can better identify with the services we offer, and they appreciate the new MSP website design that reflects us much better. Louis is surrounded by a very good implementation team, design, and support team, and I thank them really warmly for their collaboration.”