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Here are some testimonials

...They rock! Our first 120-SEATS LEAD only 2 weeks into our new website.
Roman Massey, CEO of Raxxos

"We hired MSP Launchpad because our previous website was not converting AT ALL... The new site looks incredible, the onboarding was super easy. Thank you Louis & MSP Launchpad, you guys ROCK!"

...The new website looks great and we are generating leads with our Google Ads campaign.
Elliot Marsden, Senior Account Manager at MCS Group

Elliot mentions he switched marketing vendors after not getting the results he wanted. Now, MCS Group are very pleased with their new website and the leads their marketing campaign is generating.

...Our website has been up for about a week and we are already talking to 3 new prospects.
Jeff Simmons II, Support Engineer at Simmons Computer

Jeff mentions that the whole process was easy from start to finish - and that they got 3 leads within the first week after launch!

... Clients are giving us great feedback; that the website has been key in them signing up, or reaching out to us.
Phil and Toby, Founders of Locto

Phil and Toby have benefited tremendously from their new website, with multiple clients giving the feedback that their website was a key part of the reason to reach out to them.

Don’t hesitate. Louis is probably one of the best partners you’ll find out there.
Samuel Harrison, CircleVenue

In a very short time, MSP Launchpad came up with a really great website. He helped me customized it to make it fit my company and my target market, it’s beautiful and everyone who has seen it has been like WOW.

...Can't say enough good things about Louis.
Peter Fisher, SwiftPuppy

Peter says the onboarding was a great experience and is pretty generous with compliments throughout.

... Above and beyond every other experience I have had in the last 12 years of running businesses.
Anthony Giacobbe, Founder of AJTC

Anthony discusses that the care and attention to detail was unlike he had seen before - and that he is completely satisfied.

...We wanted something more efficient and MSP Launchpad delivered
Felix Hernandez, AATSG

"We are already seeing results and we only had it online for a few days. We are getting the thumbs up from new visitors and existing clients are so happy as well."

...Our peer group recommended MSP Launchpad. It's been one of the best experiences.
Tammy Baker, Executive Vice President of Operations - NOIT Group

Tammy mentions that they asked around to find if anyone had good experience with marketing vendors and that we came up. She also mentions the great pricing.

...I've been looking at it every day, just to enjoy how good it looks.
Sage Chevins, Founder of North Shore Technology Systems

Sage was not in the office when we shot this video (hence his less than tidy environment). He loves his site and also remarks that he enjoys working together with Louis.

... And his work is good, pretty darn good.
Tom Kunath, Founder of 702it

In this review, Tom talks about being part of the feedback group, jokes about 'having to convince me to take him in' and shares his opinion on the quality of service, shared focus on the goal and the quality of work.

... We got a decent-sized lead in the first week the website was online.
Geeshan Subasingha, Founder of NetFusion Designs

Geeshan is founder of an MSP with multiple locations across North America. He describes our service as 'a fantastic experience & continuously above expectations'.

... Really, really, really enjoyed working with Louis.
Corey Vickers, Founder of Blessed Tech Solutions

Corey is one of the 'original two' MSPs for which I designed the reduced-cost website model. He remarks on my professionalism, patience and my experience in the industry - and I have personally been thankful for his trust and willingness to try a completely new website-service with me.

... Taken care of everything and given us lots of advice.
Matt Boxall, Founder of Micro Maintenance

Matt points out that 'he couldn't be happier with our service'. He mentions his new website is much more customer friendly and sales-oriented than the one he was struggling with for years.

... The best value for money I could find.
Dave Elzner, Founder of Elztech

Dave elaborates on his journey to find a vendor that could provide him with an exciting website at the right price.

... We were able to get up to speed and online FAST.
Howard Holmen, Founder of BounceBack Solutions

Howard discusses the importance of a website optimized for sales and how satisfied he is with our design - and the speed of delivery.

... I loved that the sales process was not pushy. The website is exactly what I was looking for.
Ryan Green, Founder of Tectroniq

Ryan mentions that he wanted a website that wasn't dull, however not too costly at the same time. He also mentions that it's clear to see that we offer a tremendous value.

... Our multi-language website was easy to set up. Louis took care of everything.
Hugues Mertens, Founder of About IT

Hugues is based in Belgium and we created him a multi-language website. He mentions that we took care of everything and also kept him on the ball!