Perfect for MSPs with 2-7 staff


Our websites are designed to help grow MSPs. Premium HTML, without the massive upfront cost.

Perfect for MSPs with 2-7 staff


This model is designed to help MSPs grow - and it has the power to transform your business. Mobile makes for a more comfortable reading experience.

Look like a 20-man MSP

A continuously updated website, with a great back-end, exclusive to you in your region.

Struggling with something?

This is for a managed services provider, who:

Is tired of not growing his MSP as fast as he wants.
Less is more. Focus on what works and master it.
Asks a low US$ per endpoint and wants to charge more.
I create landing pages that fit the profile of your customers and inspire trust.
Can never seem to figure out a cost-effective way to increase sales.
And are spending money in places without getting returns.
Is struggling to communicate the MSP's unique value to the market.
·       putthe message in the local market that they are the most trustworthy MSP in thearea, comfortable with the most advanced technology.
Why you might be struggling

Prospects look at an MSP's website and relate it to the quality of the MSP's service

You know how it is. As a technology services provider, your website is the extension of yourself. It reflects who you are. It is the only digital asset a prospect can evaluate before deciding to take on your contract.

Unfortunately, prospects… or nearly all ‘non-techs’ don’t understand that an MSP is not a software development or website-design agency. To them, all technology is a blur and they don't understand how everything relates to each other.

They assume MSPs have built their own websites and that your website its visual appeal is directly correlated with the quality of your service - even if you manage infrastructure. If you want to attract premium clients, a dried-up 2016 WordPress template is not going to cut it anymore.

Unfortunately, no matter how talented your firm is, if you showcase lackluster assets, you are going to have to charge lower rates and be content with scrounging after contracts.

A stale WordPress template, or an ultra-premium, conversion-focused website

A stale WordPress template, or a premium, conversion-focused website. Which one do you think:

·       putthe message in the local market that they are the most trustworthy MSP in thearea, comfortable with the most advanced technology.
Will have you respected on the workfloor as a true technology leader?
·       putthe message in the local market that they are the most trustworthy MSP in thearea, comfortable with the most advanced technology.
Closes more contracts?
·       putthe message in the local market that they are the most trustworthy MSP in thearea, comfortable with the most advanced technology.
Effortlessly claims double or triple the $ per endpoint?
·       putthe message in the local market that they are the most trustworthy MSP in thearea, comfortable with the most advanced technology.
Will land you a solid first impression during lead-gen?
·       putthe message in the local market that they are the most trustworthy MSP in thearea, comfortable with the most advanced technology.
There have been no alternatives

The challenge for smaller MSPs

Larger MSPs can afford premium assets - and easily impress your potential clients.

You are a smaller MSP and forced into a position where you need 'representative' technology.

However, premium websites are extremely costly.

You might not be a marketing-genius and could be unsure which sales-components your website needs to have...

Which makes investing in premium websites even more risky.

In other words, you're at a serious disadvantage and have likely been stuck there.

These were your options

Make a conversion-focused website yourself

Learning to create a killer website takes many months of effort – and your time is more valuable allocated elsewhere. Not only that, you would not have a design, or the copy, or knowledge of sales funnels and everything else.

Keep it in-house

Outsource development at enormous cost

Getting a top-tier design done, with top-tier copy and a top-tier sales funnel will easily, EASILY set you back $7000. Including the copy, think more like $9000. That is a hefty price to pay up front, without knowing what you are getting.


Try some other desperate MSP marketing techniques

Unfortunately, MSPs usually try to get a slice of the local market using conventional techniques without consistency. They use marketing agencies that are not specialized in the MSP industry. They more often than not lose their investment.

Try many different things
IF this you, you might be in luck

Are you fed up with...

  • not growing your business at the rate you hoped for?
  • trying all sorts of marketing that doesn’t work?
  • seeing other people close all the deals in your area?
  • not being valued for your expertise?
  • spending money on assets and tools of which you can’t immediately see the value?
  • feeling like ‘just another business’?

Well, you aren't alone

A little while ago, 2 MSPs came to us, looking for help. They were in dire straits due to COVID and badly needed something that would set them apart from competitors.

COVID hurt their cash flow and they had very little money to spend; they were stuck.

We brainstormed a radically new solution together. The goal was to maximize value and impact on the business.

We designed a 'co-creation' approach to website development. They followed our onboarding process, enabling them to clearly define their needs to us. This allows us to work faster.

Because they took on this small task, they could afford a higher quality solution, which simultaneously fits their exact requirements.

They are now rocking and rolling - as can you.

How would your MSP be different if...?

Leads convert to sales MUCH more frequently?

Imagine multiplying your closing rate by 2x or even 5x. Would your life ever be the same?

You are able to attract remote clients?

How amazing would it be to attract more remote clients, so you don't have to exclusively depend on your local market?

You were regarded as THE most knowledgeable technology expert in your region?

What a feeling that must be. Not just for you, but your staff also. Would that pride radiate and elevate the quality of your team's work?

You could charge more per endpoint managed and see your clients excited to pay it?

With the right branding, companies are shocked if you offer competitive rates. You might even find your closing rate rises, when you increase your price to align with the improved branding.

It's about time


Optimized to take cold leads and to turn them into ready buyers.
Solid technology; HTML, 4k responsive, nice back-end.
Designed to appeal to your prospects

MSP websites that will raise your status and grow your business

Chances are that you attract smaller businesses with 20-150 seats. The relationship tends to be between you and the owner.

Our website is designed to quickly convert a decision-making prospect; it turns a cold lead into a hot one. This is also known as progressing them through the timeless AIDA model:


Part of the magic

Watch the website in action

The best MSP websites use stand-out, soft colours and emphasize human connection. We capture their attention with technology they have never seen and a design that your competitors cannot match.
We maintain their interest with short bursts of writing they can relate to, clearly listing benefits and results. We make them feel you are the most powerful technology expert in your region.
Draw them in with a digestible offer they want to order immediately. Make it sexy, make it small. We can work together on creating your offer, on a personal landing page.
Because you match your incredible offer with your target market and integrate your calendar, they will book appointments without you even asking.
What if you always looked incredible?

Let's get into the details

Pros, COns, everything

We are going to discuss:

And are spending money in places without getting returns.
Supporting Services
I create landing pages that fit the profile of your customers and inspire trust.
Onboarding Process (later)
I create landing pages that fit the profile of your customers and inspire trust.
A sign of respect

But first - a note that I understand that you are an MSP and that this is an MSP's website

Since you are operating an MSP, I am going to assume you will have above basic knowledge of website development and hosting. I understand that the quality of the website is of a higher importance to you than another business owner and that you will be more critical of the details.

I have done my best to create something that does not only look fantastic, but that also performs and maintains smoothly. A product that will assist your growth, with immediate opportunities for remote lead-generation, PPC and future SEO, while also giving you access to a CMS, customizability, sales funnel and more. This is a website that performs and that can take on the personality of your business.


HTML / CSS / Java

WordPress? Come on. We aren't Neanderthals.

Security Features

Static HTML pages leave nothing to hack.
2-factor authentication & back-ups every 5 minutes. Forms are protected against spam.

Continuous Updates

Both a feature and a service, we update the design every two months so you are always in line with best practices.

Copy-writing service included

We ask you some information about your MSP, which we then turn into a story that will delight your potential customers.

Google rewards original content, so rewrite it if you want to optimize for SEO. We supply a guide.
The website initially comes with a 'no-follow' script, so you can take as much time as you want to adjust the content while keeping Google's rating at 100%.

Back-end (it's awesome)

When you get your website, you can immediately start changing it, as you have access to your private back-end. You can adjust all the small things you would want and I am here for larger / deeper adjustments.

Text, images & links to different pages.
Create entirely new pages, fill them with content and link them in your website.
SEO settings: edit the text that appears in search engines, when you share on social media and more.

Content Management System (CMS)

I'm not even kidding. The website comes with a full CMS installed. This will allow you to easily upload content to assist your SEO strategy and it future-proofs the website by being able to adjust the appearance of all content within the CMS dynamically.

Upload and customize your blog post MUCH easier than with WordPress
Open Positions (Careers)

AIDA sales funnels & landing pages to fit your perfect offer

Your website is designed to MAKE SALES. It optimizes for click-through-rates (CTR) to ensure your prospects put their eyes on your offer. And your offer will be excellent, as we can craft one together at no additional cost.

Your sales funnel removes as much friction as possible and allows them to book straight into your calendar.
Our offer includes the creation of a custom landing page, which you will be able to use for targeted advertising.

MSP integrations

Support your customers and visitors with all the options they expect.

Remote tools downloads
Calendar integration
Customer support
Links to portals

MSP Marketing ready (Google & Facebook)

Because of the CTR-nature of the website, it is not just ready, but it is perfect for when you want to advertise on Google or Facebook.

Craft offers on your private landing pages.
We find good demand for managed IT services, data protection, cloud backups and M365 with Google Ads.
We set up your marketing integrations (like Google Analytics and the LinkedIn marketing pixel), so it can already collect data - in case you want to advertise in the future.

SEO Compatibility - blog, speed, tools, etc.

MSPs usually wait until they are >15 staff before they invest in SEO, but we are prepared regardless and have included everything necessary to excel.  

Your META and Open Graph tags (the stuff used for social sharing & text on the Google Search Engine) are already inside and can be updated with your content.
If your website is currently ranking on Google, we use ‘301 redirects’ to ensure you don’t lose that ranking. You can even copy that page’s content to your new blogs or a regular content page (we include 4 designs). We will make sure that Google transfers the ‘ranking’ to you.
Google rates the performance of the main domain at 94% and individual blogs at 95%. That's ridiculously good. Watch the video to see how fast it loads on a 15mb/s connection.
It has an automatically updating ‘sitemap’.
SSL is included.
We minify your Java, CSS & HTML to iimprove loading speeds.
Again, if SEO is already critical to you, you should update the pre-written copy with your own content; we will assist in rewriting any content that you have put in.

Responsiveness for 4k resolutions & mobile

While every website optimizes for mobile, finding websites that optimize for 4k or widescreen are still far and few between. The MSP Launchpad Website is fully optimized for all screens.

Additional homepage and content pages available

During onboarding, you can easily choose which website components you want to show/hide and of which pages you require extra.

Modern & Neo-classical homepage designs.
4 additional content page designs are available.


Continuous CTR  & Design Updates

If it wasn't clear already, this isn't just a static website. It's a service to permanently keep you looking and converting your best.

Guide You Every Step Of The Way

We have guides to ensure that you maximize your website's potential and are never stuck with questions.

Co-Creation Approach

You follow our onboarding process - so we can tailor the website to your needs and your local market.


Adjustment of the website's structure, to fit your needs

We co-create your pages, colours, content, tools and MSP sales offer to fit your organization. This way, your website is becomes yours entirely.

During onboarding, you receive a step-by-step manual and questionnaire. When you send the information back to us, we adjust your website.

Assistance with copy writing, images & integration of tools

When your website has been adjusted to fit your MSPs capabilities (e.g. changed the navigation menu, perhaps the blog), you can always put in new imagery and content using our back-end. Once you are done, we will review the content and adjust it to fit best practices.

We include up to 12 hours of support in the first month. After this, our standard hourly fee applies.

Co-creation of the landing page and your offer

We include two distinguished designs, so you can immediately hook your own ‘irresistible offer’ into your new sales funnel.

A great landing page signals to your market that you understand them - and gives them an offer they cannot refuse.
We encourage you to CONTACT US (we also note this as a step during our onboarding flow), so we can collaborate on creating a custom strategy for you.

This can be part of those 12 hours, so it comes at no additional cost.

Updated with the latest design and marketing best practices

Once you join us, you can rest assured you will always have the most modern solutions possible – and that you are likely to have the very best MSP website in your local area, indefinitely.


Hosting & Backups (point your DNS)

Being an MSP, you probably want to handle the DNS aspect yourself. We encourage it. Simply point to our servers.

Your website is hosted on multiple geographic locations, so downtime is virtually non-existent (basically, you can expect to never have a single second of downtime).
We backup almost every design change ever made, indefinitely. You will always be able to revert back to an older version.

What others say

... Clients are giving us great feedback; that the website has been key in them signing up, or reaching out to us.
Phil and Toby, Founders of

Phil and Toby have benefited tremendously from their new website, with multiple clients giving the feedback that their website was a key part of the reason to reach out to them.

... The personal care and the attention to detail was above and beyond every other experience I have had in the last 12 years of running businesses.
Anthony Giacobbe, Founder of AJTC

Anthony discusses that, while it took a bit of extra time as we were working with a new design, the care and attention to detail was unlike he had seen before - and that he is completely satisfied.

... Very happy with the results and looking forward to collaborate for years to come.
Jake Vugrinac, Business Development Manager,

Jake points out how Arakyta benefited as we set up their website and marketing campaign. He elaborates specifically on my level of knowledge, attentiveness and timeliness of response.

... We got a decent-sized lead in the first week the website was online!
Geeshan Subasingha, Founder of NetFusion Designs

Geeshan is founder of an MSP with multiple locations across North America. He describes our service as 'a fantastic experience & continuously above expectations'.

... We were able to get up to speed and online FAST.
Howard Holmen, Founder of

Howard discusses the importance of a website optimized for sales and how satisfied he is with our design - and the speed of delivery.

... Looks GREAT! Much more consumer-friendly and focused on sales.
Matt Boxall, Founder of

Matt points out that 'he couldn't be happier with our service'. He mentions his new website is much more customer friendly and sales-oriented than the one he was struggling with for years.

Our livin' la vida loca...
60-day 'I changed my mind'-guarantee

I understand there might be some hesitance when jumping on an offer, even if it is a great value.

After all, you haven't fully inspected the back-end - and might not know me personally. How do you know it's going to be everything you hoped for?

So, instead of tying you to a contract, I am going to offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

I am utterly confident you will receive a ton of benefit.

Exclusive offer for all our designs

I'd Love for you to become a partner

Want to help? I'm temporarily giving a LIFETIME >25% discount in exchange for feedback

1) A feedback call on the first two months.
2) Up to 1 questionnaire per month afterwards, 2-5 minutes each.
3) 1 video testimonial & 1 written testimonial.

What would you normally spend?

Revolutionary value, even when compared to the most cost-effective alternatives

  • Design - $7000+ every 3 years.
  • Sales Funnel - $800+ every 3 years.
  • Landing Page Development - $1400+
  • Written Copy & Writing Assistance - $2000+
  • SEO Optimization - $850+
  • Installation of Marketing and Analytics - $150+
  • CMS & Blog Integration - $450+
  • Crafting a Marketing Strategy - $1200+
  • Design Updates -$180+ monthly
  • Hosting & Maintenance - $80+ monthly
>25% Off until the group is full

Regular Pricing = $329 p/m

Or join the Feedback Group and pay just $237,- p/m for everything

That feedback group will close soon. Get access to your growth website for just $237!
Introducing MSP Launchpad

Who are you - and why are you doing this?

BSc., MSc., PGD

I'm Louis - a business traction specialist for MSPs

MS DOS was my first platform, after which I started playing on Windows 3.1.

If I'd want to flatter myself, I would say I have held some truly remarkable positions, in some of the most high-end businesses in the world.

That includes being the most senior (regional) sales & marketing manager at a multi-national MSP.

I enjoy the Chamber of Commerce, consciousness training, LOTS of business books, entrepreneurship, audiophile gear, great wine and retro video games.

As a business traction consultant, I have primarily focused on product-market fit and Lean Methodology.

Interview w/ London Institute of Business and Technology
Dom Perignon as a thank you for a speaking engagement
What I've been up to

Some positions I've held

Regional Sales and Marketing Manager @ a Multi-National MSP
Tech Start-Up Co-Founder
Advisory Board Member to a Chamber of Commerce
Trainer of Senior Governmentals &  Titans of Industry

I saw how much smaller MSPs were struggling and realized it was not necessary

Many of you are tired of growing slowly. You want more business coming through the door.

Your website is often the only asset you display publicly. Your prospects will evaluate it before closing a deal (they ALWAYS do).

Even if you were referred to them, they base >60% of the perception of your business on it.

Changing it around has a massive impact on your position in the market.

Have you had pleasant conversations that seemingly turned into nothing? Do you have a subpar website and was the prospect >50 endpoints?

Looking premium = indicating that you are reliable.
And this makes it so great...

You just grab a drink and fill in a few forms, guided by our video content. We efficiently learn about your services, target market and your story. You'll be done in a snap. Then, we build & personalize your website.

You get exclusive rights to your website's design for a full 80 mile (128km) radius around you. Anyone else wants one in your region? They are out of luck.

Aside from being a conversion-focused website, it is a status symbol that signals to your customers, employees and family that you mean business. You are sporting a $10,000 website - and it didn't even break the bank.

What onboarding looks like

Starting point

Fill in the sign-up form
We check if your region is available and invite you to a call

Within one working day

At your convenience, or until our offer expires

Sign up & elaborate on your business in our onboarding area
We make your website


About half a business day later

Feedback Rounds
INFO: Where your new website is currently hosted, access to the Editor & access to the Onboarding Video Portal.
ACTION: Access the Onboarding Video Portal and fill in the specification forms (total estimated time = 90-120 minutes).

As soon as you can

Within 5 - 15 working days, depending on size of project

BONUS: Get a sales funnel
INFO: During this time, you reach out to us for any and all questions.
BONUS: Get a sales funnel
ACTION: whenever you want, you can launch! We will take care of the SEO bits behind the screens.

Total time taken, if you opt for minimal adjustment: within 5 working days after signing up.

At your convenience after (next few days)

Further adjust your content and use our supporting services
ACTION: send us your list of optional components any time and we will integrate it.
ACTION: give us feedback on the design so we can make further adjustments.
ACTION: approach us to help you to co-craft your offers on your landing pages.
Collaborate to improve your site
We work together to make sure your website and offer are picture perfect. MSP Launchpad will also engage in the tasks you need assistance with, such as helping with copy writing, imagery, links, brand colours and more.

Depending on the amount of assistance you require, this would take a few days.

Should be maximum 5-14 days after signing up.

Go live if you haven't already!
Look as high quality as the service you provide and grow your business much faster, with more status.

Pro's & Con's Summarized

You can ride this website all the way up to 8-10 staff & look better than 12-15 staff MSPs from the start.

We maintain and update the design so you will always convert as many leads as possible.

Effective sales funnels with multiple landing pages actually makes your website useful.

Instant top-tier status in your local area.

Target remote businesses by making landing pages specifically for them.

Ready for PPC. Also, we assist in setting up marketing analytics.

Ready for local SEO due to the outstanding blog, page speed and CMS.

Surprise your staff & make them proud.

You can leverage your already existing assets of your current website and retain the SEO.

Ability to increase your monthly rates or increase perceived value.

Unseen before value.

You shouldn't abuse it with cheap imagery. Invest in some quality photos for maximum result, or stay with stock.

If local SEO is critically important to you, you might want to change the text within the services sections (which we usually suggest to keep as stock) - Google does not index duplicate content.

Just a note, but modern websites are not compatible with Internet Explorer. Microsoft also no longer supports it; IE does not load modern design components. Microsoft Edge works perfectly.

You have to use it. You must send people to the website for it to do its work.

Important Questions to Ask (FAQ)

What is the minimum distance between me and another person using the website?

It is 80miles / 128 kilometres. This is a massive amount and the likelihood that someone will apply for the website on the exact border is minimal. The chances of your clients being exposed to another party with the same Frame work is slim to none. This effect is enough on its own, yet still magnified by the fact that once they are already your clients, they should not endlessly research MSPs on the internet anymore.

What happens if my company operates in multiple regions?

By default, a 80-mile radius of exclusivity of design is placed around your company its HQ. If you also operate in another region, you may expand your influence (if available) with another such region, at an additional $40 monthly.

How much support is included?

During the onboarding phase, up to 12 hours of support is included. During our ongoing support, we won’t charge unless your request could be considered a sizable 'project'.

Have you ever had downtime?

We have never had downtime. We host using a large multinational organization with a billion Dollar valuation.

What happens if MSP Launchpad shuts down?

Should that occur, we will transfer the website to you free of cost. We are not just going to leave you without a website. We take care of our clients.

What happens if I want to discontinue the service?

Both parties maintain the rights to the content they put into the website. When you want to discontinue our service, you may copy the content (imagery, blogs, copy, etc.) that you have placed into your website - and export them to your next service provider or website. Normally, we would not transfer our website design to our clients, as this is against our concept; the website would age if not under our management and MSP Launchpad does not want remnants and aged products on the internet. Exceptions might be made and we are always open to discussion on this subject.

Can I see the back-end before signing up?

We have shot a video, showcasing the features of the back-end. You can find that on this page. Should you wish to have more information, we can walk you through the back-end during a video-call.

Does your website have multi-language support?

If you are from a non-English speaking country, you can translate the text to fit your needs and we will adjust your code to reflect the country you are from (helps with SEO). We are also open to building in a true multi-language option for you; reach out.

Who owns the IP?

The design and original copy belong to MSP Launchpad and are yours to use as long as you make use of our service. Any content that you insert into your website remains your property and MSP Launchpad has no rights using or duplicating that content. More information is available in the Terms and Conditions, which will be sent to you. We advise thoroughly reading and understanding the document before joining. We treat you as we would like to be treated.

How much technical skill do I require?

Little, aside from being able to alter your DNS information to point towards the host. We assume this to be part of your skill set, but are ready to assist should the need arise.

What about backups?

Nearly every design iteration is backed up. For reference, when you are making changes to the website, you can roughly assume one backup being made every 5 minutes. Backups are stored indefinitely.

A final bit of well-meant, positive pressure: if someone else in your area joins us first, we can't help you anymore. Be sure to act fast.

Exclusive offer for all our designs

I'd Love for you to become a partner

Want to help? I'm temporarily giving a LIFETIME discount in exchange for feedback

1) A feedback call on the first two months.
2) Up to 1 questionnaire per month afterwards, 2-5 minutes each.
3) 1 video testimonial & 1 written testimonial.

What would you normally spend?

Revolutionary value, even when compared to the most cost-effective alternatives

  • Design - $7000+ every 3 years.
  • Sales Funnel - $800+ every 3 years.
  • Landing Page Development - $1400+
  • Written Copy & Writing Assistance - $2000+
  • SEO Optimization - $850+
  • Installation of Marketing and Analytics - $150+
  • CMS & Blog Integration - $450+
  • Crafting a Marketing Strategy - $1200+
  • Design Updates -$180+ monthly
  • Hosting & Maintenance - $80+ monthly
>25% Off until the group is full

Regular Pricing = $329 p/m

Or join the Feedback Group and pay just $237,- p/m for everything

That feedback group will close soon. Get access to your growth website for just $237!