December 8, 2022

Typical Web Design Mistakes That Make Your Conversion Rates Drop

Wondering why nothing happens after you did everything you could to increase conversion rates?

You have created a lovely landing page, invested a lot in high-quality content, and filled it with appealing call-to-action buttons, yet conversion rates won't get any higher.

Although you have already done these things, it is not enough anymore. We are in 2022, and you have less than two or three seconds to convince prospects to stay on your page for a little longer and make them choose YOU!

The thing is that no matter what you do - if you don't pay enough attention to your web design - you stand no chance against your competition.

Let's see what’s slowing your business growth. MSP Launchpad invites you to keep reading because we have lined up 5 design mistakes that kill conversion rates.

Let's get into it!

5 web design mistakes that kill your conversions

Creating trust online is much harder than you think because your customers can't see your face directly, and if you are making these design mistakes, you are not helping.

Web design mistake #1

Slow page loading

Let's face it - no one likes to wait a few seconds for a page to load. If your web presence takes longer than 3 or 4 seconds to load, you can say goodbye to the vast majority of your visitors.

Slow loading and response times are customers' mood killers. As you can see, improving your website loading speed is essential.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your site is loading slow:

  • Unclean code
  • Too much flash content
  • Unoptimized images
  • Excessive HTTP requests
  • JavaScript issues
  • Bad hosting

Here are some helpful tips to improve your loading speed:

  • Compress and optimize your images
  • Choose a performance-optimized hosting provider
  • Reduce redirects
  • Cache your web pages

These are just some of the many tips - remember, there's much more you can do to improve your page loading speed.

Web design mistake #2

There are so many distractions

Don't overwhelm your visitors with hundreds of interactive elements, animations, carousels, and an endless wall of text, each fighting to hijack their attention.

You don't have to overload your customer sensors and make them instantly click away. The whole point is to provide a combination of relevant knowledge, impactful images, and short, powerful text followed by an offer they can't ignore.

Web design mistake #3

Using common or unappealing images

When a customer lands on your page, you need something that will blow them away almost immediately. You need something different. You want to stand out and increase the chance of persuading them.

One of the best ways to attract their attention is by using enticing and appealing images. If you lack those, you will make your business, products, and services look boring and uninspiring.

As you know, an image is worth a thousand words. The last thing you need is a picture that can be found on hundreds of other websites. You need something better, something that is more welcoming and personal.

For example, there's a study that proved that just one smiling person could significantly increase the conversion rate. Seeing people who are happy with their jobs puts potential paying customers in a positive mood.

Web design mistake #4

Weak or irrelevant headings

It is all about hijacking visitors' eyes and retaining their attention when they land on your page. So, besides professional images, having a strong and punchy heading is the next thing you need.

Not having an informative heading can confuse your prospects and make them leave. In short, good headings increase your page's usability by making it more scannable. 

For real, who likes to read a block of text from top to bottom without headings? You need to do everything you can so that your potential customers' eyes can flow down the page to find what they need.

So, when you break a page up with headings and pictures, you allow prospects to scan your page quicker and more effectively.

Web design mistake #5

People can't find your CTA button

Here at MSP Launchpad, we often come across landing pages where the CTA button is not clearly visible. We often see CTA buttons that blend in the background or are way too small. Most companies make those mistakes - they create a button and think that's it - it's perfect.

Let's make one thing crystal clear - you should make your CTA hard to ignore. Everything you do is for one single purpose - to convert visitors into paying customers. Also, they should easily find where to click to obtain your offer.

Here are some tips to follow if you want to have a highly converting CTA:

  • Make your CTA button stand out by using contrasting colors
  • Place your CTA in a strategic location so prospects can easily see it
  • Clearly explain what will happen after they click on your CTA button

Over to you

All in all, even teeny tiny mistakes can wreak havoc on your conversions. You can use these tips as your guide and try to convert more leads into sales, or you can always contact conversion-focused web designers at MSP Launchpad.

Tell us, which of these mistakes do you find most difficult to fix?