About Me

Hi! The name's Louis

I am a former regional sales and marketing manager and member of the Advisory Board to the Chamber of Commerce.

What I've been up to

Digital lead generation is a breeze to me

Multinational Experience

I've worked as a regional sales and marketing manager at an MSP.

Advisory Board Member

To a Chambers of Commerce.

Trains the Professional Elite

Such as the senior governmentals of Bhutan, which made national news.

Partnering up

Long-term, profit-making partner

Dom Perignon as a thank you for a speaking engagement
Interview w/ London Institute of Business and Technology
Respect for each other

Ethical, friendly and trustworthy

My success depends on how successful I make you. It really is that simple.

Though a significant amount of this website has a rather intense tonality, you will find me to be relatively ego-free. The tone is necessary to increase the perceived standard of professionalism, in order to match it with the quality of my service. Our communication will be much more light-hearted, though just as efficient.

Non-professional interests

Everyone has interests outside of work. It's healthy! Light hobbies include: exercise, hosting get-togethers, networking, scuba diving and eating fantastic food.

Other things I love:

Spending time with family and friends.
Audiophile hardware and high fidelity music.
Conscious self-development efforts & daily habits upgrades.
Nature. I have lived in seven countries.